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  1. Roryn

    Coffee Diary 30/8/21

    Having or not having Derrin isn’t really a balancing mechanic; I believe he’ll be in the game with all starting backgrounds with unique dialogue for each. A few more systems and features need to be worked on until then is all.
  2. Roryn

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    While I'm not sure if that will be a feature, they're planning to implement a trainer so you can save some time either way.
  3. Roryn

    Overview after 240 hours in-game

    It’s interesting to hear your thoughts after a decent amount of playtime! As far as I know, they should be adding or improving on most of what you mentioned, and the new GI system will bring a lot of visual improvements. The only thing they probably won’t be doing is adding a bone breaking...
  4. Roryn

    Why so little communication?

    Exanima is far from a tech demo. A tech demo is literally just to show off tech; sometimes it's accompanied by 20 or so minutes of gameplay. While Exanima does serve as the testing ground for Sui Generis, it is definitely a full (though uncompleted) game in its own right. As for the...
  5. Roryn

    Feature Suggestion: Praise/Chastise Derrin

    I believe everything you've mentioned is planned or in the works already! There's going to be many, many more dialogue options for Derrin and other NPCs, and 'companions' under the influence of 'loyalty' won't be so stupid as to let you just completely disarm them in the future. Same for...
  6. Roryn


    I see this has been up for a while, but to answer the question, throwing weapons are already planned :). I'm not sure if we'll be able to throw mundane items, but there's likely going to be at least throwable axes, knives, javelins, hammers, and any other typical throwing weapon. As for Sui...
  7. Roryn

    Sui Generis Availability

    Yep, you're not missing out on anything :). Everyone has equal access to the game except for insiders when they're testing new releases only for about a month before everyone else gets them., but trust me, it's not a job you want anyway hehe.
  8. Roryn

    Sui Generis Availability

    There is no Sui Generis alpha yet. You likely saw the 'alpha gameplay' footage, but these were dev builds intended to show off the game. No one outside of the dev team has access to SG right now, and the devs' attention is squarely on finishing Exanima.
  9. Roryn

    Ambient SFX and Music

    I think some levels do have ambient sound already (lv 4 for example). Other than that, these are planned features, including more music tracks.
  10. Roryn

    Can you make a patch that adleast kills you when ya fall though the floor? PLZ...!

    It might be helpful to know that you can actually reset your character from a checkpoint by navigating to your Exanima saves folder (typically in appdata/roaming - i.e. %appdata%) and deleting your most recent *.rsg file. It's a good fix until they add the planned 'restart from checkpoint'...
  11. Roryn

    Improvements to Opponents or New Opponents Thread

    Generally I'm not a huge fan of the idea of multiplayer 'modes' for Exanima, but I have to admit that the 'hunt the beast' mode intrigues me. I would say it sounds maybe too complicated, but actually I could see it working in the Exanima underworld with just X players and 1 beast chasing and...
  12. Roryn

    Sewers [spoilers]

    This is interesting because I remember seeing some people complaining about how the sewers were relatively bland and undeveloped. I think they nailed the atmosphere and basically every element, and I'm glad to see that there's other people who agree. As for stories, my favourite memories would...
  13. Roryn

    Exanima 0.7.3 Released

    And apparently Madoc wanted to do another video showing some more thaumaturgy skills or mechanics or something. I suppose we'll have to see if that'll end up happening or not, but I'm hoping it will.
  14. Roryn

    Any way to deal with damage in the Arena?

    Well, I believe entering and quickly forfeiting matches also works, but that's it for now. The quickest fun way for me is to enter inept-rank challenger matches.
  15. Roryn

    Will I ever play this game finished? Can I ask for a refund?

    Indeed, none of what we say is speculative :). There's no need to worry about the state of the game, and you can check that yourself with the links Jimmini posted.
  16. Roryn

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Lol what I am so confused because I was telling the truth :confused: Edit: Oh, right. Yes, no, I wasn't talking about what Sylla said. I was talking about the scrolls only.
  17. Roryn

    Spoiler thread.

    Right now, there are only 3 characters available.
  18. Roryn

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    It's definitely true. If you look closely even at a single scroll, you can see a bloom effect around the scroll.
  19. Roryn

    Spoiler thread.

    I actually don't know what you mean by bulgy guys. Are you talking about the blue-armoured guys in the crossroads? I don't know how to explain the thing about the fountain. Are you sure that they're not normally glowing like that?
  20. Roryn

    Found an Item, REPORT THIS.

    That's correct. But for the record, it's not a joke either lol. There's a few broken items they need to get rid of.


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