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  1. Valvar

    Roles in Sui Generis

    I'd be very happy if the stealth system could be somewhat similar to that in Overgrowth; enemies detect you based on the amount of sound you emit, the direction of the wind and your smell and of course wether they can see you or not. So, you would need to stay out of your enemies line of sight...
  2. Valvar

    Dodging and Parry

    We are of the same mind. I would like to play an agile ranger - and who is to say that steel armour is the best way of defending oneself?
  3. Valvar

    Dodging and Parry

    I guess you're right. Especially with plate armour, this would become a pain in the ass (no pun intended).
  4. Valvar

    Combat and damage.

    I'll see if I can find a source later, but apparently historians have found evidence (in the form of skeletons) from medieval battlefields indicating that some people had both their legs cut off from a single swipe of a broadsword, for example. Which could either mean that bodies are pretty...
  5. Valvar

    Dodging and Parry

    Except the fact that rolling stopped you from taking damage in TW2, I thought it was excellent. If you ever practice certain martial arts you will understand how easy and effective it actually is to roll away. Combined with the excellent physics in SG, it could be amazing (getting hit in midroll...
  6. Valvar

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I understand that it would require extra effort that the team perhaps feels is not warranted, and I can get down with that. It should, however, not stop modders from "fixing" it. For me, it's not me playing the character unless it's first person. Sure, I control the actions of a character and...
  7. Valvar

    Non-Combat Gameplay

    It depends on your definition of what an RPG is. For me, it's playing the role of a character and having a non-linear story. For many, it means a barrel-load of stats and turn-based combat. While I'm a big fan of tabletop RPG's, I don't think this is what BM are trying to capture here. I've...
  8. Valvar

    Combat and damage.

    Indeed, detatchable body parts would be most pleasing! Ehrm, I mean, realistic!
  9. Valvar

    Physics Engine

    Yeah, AI programming, to me at least, sounds like a tough nut. Though I'm sure that they will be able to handle it well, seeing how far they've already come.
  10. Valvar


    Stop it right there! MO has one of the best crafting systems to date, and anyone who says elsewise is an imbecile, or worse, a casual! No, but really, MO does have an excellent crafting system. 90% of the stuff being crap, while not "gamey", is a good thing in my opinion. The crafting system and...
  11. Valvar

    Stamina/Energy and Resting

    I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement the food system, but I like your idea of camping in real-time. In a singleplayer game this is possible, and would work great with sped-up time. Much like Minecraft...
  12. Valvar


    Excellent! I am well pleased to hear this, and I will definitely be playing this game-mode!
  13. Valvar

    Preferred Donation Method?

    Indeed, kickstarter is the best way. If they do fail to reach the goal, they are refunding paypal donors, and that's also more troublesome than not taking the payment with KS in the first place.
  14. Valvar

    Musings on the words Beta and Linux

    Very much agreed! I, too, as a Linux user would be happy to help with anything that needs helping with. I think many people will find it surprising that Linux users atually make out a huge chunk of customers, and as proven by the Humble Bundles, actually contribute more than MacOS users.
  15. Valvar

    Non-Combat Gameplay

    I really like your approach to this. The reason for many skills in games are that they are hard to represent visually or gameplay-wise. If player skill can replace stat skills, then that is truly a forward leap!
  16. Valvar

    Dodging and Parry

    Geralt is pleased.
  17. Valvar

    Kickstarter project launch

    Regardless of if the kickstarter fails or not (it must not!), I really do suggest that you open up pre-orders and advertise them in a similar way to the Overgrowth guys (a video and a new alpha almost every week). It seems like a lot of trouble, but my perception is that they have been extremely...
  18. Valvar

    Character Animations

    It seems like a lot of work, but if Madoc really made the game from scratch and has the same coding power level as the Overgrowth guy it doesn't seem like too much trouble!
  19. Valvar

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I didn't really perceive this to be in the same style as the old classic RPG's, gameplaywise. I fully understand why the Infinity Engine games were isometric. One of the main reasons was that they were limited tech-wise and the games were (mostly) 2D. But if Bare Mettle does something in the...
  20. Valvar

    Kickstarter project launch

    Yeah, I also use a different e-mail for the forums and kickstarter :c


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