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  1. Kunio

    Coffee Diary 14/2/22

    I tried playing with a controller and it was great!
  2. Kunio

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    If exanima was a medieval simulator advocating extreme realism, I could understand your point, but it's not. So it's right to exaggerate the silhouette of the sword to some extent to make it look better on the game screen or to fit the general perception. If that exaggeration is not...
  3. Kunio

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    If you have an idea of how you want it to look like, it would be quicker to create a reference image in Photoshop or something. Based on the uploaded screenshot, you should be able to create an image where the balance of each part of the sword is in the desired ratio. It's not that difficult...
  4. Kunio

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    I'm really looking forward to it!
  5. Kunio

    Coffee Diary 28/9/20

    I'm a Japanese player. I use a translation site, so I'm sure this will be poorly written. I've been playing for about 100 hours now, fascinated by the extremely fun combat, something I've never experienced in any other game. Recently I noticed the forums and read this Coffee Diary. I'm very...


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