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  1. 16iclark

    New player(s), New channel(s)

    Just going to resurrect this thread for a second ;)
  2. 16iclark

    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    Bit harsh if you don't mind me saying, your friends sure would be missing out on a great game! 100+ hours on a game for just $15 seems like a great deal to me! But I see where you're coming from. I do however believe that the developers are going for a certain amount of realism, and what you're...
  3. 16iclark

    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    This is exactly how I feel too, we've all just gotten better! I remember when I first played this game, back when there was only story mode and the practice arena, took me ages just to get past the first guy in the novice arena, the guy with the club. A CLUB. And now I can make it through the...
  4. 16iclark

    Poll: Are shields wielded by hostile NPCs too effective?

    NPC's with shields are very effective, but I wouldn't say TOO effective. I try and side step a lot when I'm facing an NPC with a shield. Works for me! Most of the time;)
  5. 16iclark


    Good update, keep up the great work! :D
  6. 16iclark


    Hooray! I can wear cuisses with greaves! The outdoor arena is really awesome as well:) Loving the new equipment. Running great on my system, almost 60 fps so that's wonderful, great update guys, keep up the good work!
  7. 16iclark

    Outdoor Arena Beta Test Footage

    Looks awesome! Can't wait!:D
  8. 16iclark

    Exanima Appreciation Thread

    I like how everything in this game is supported by realistic physics. PHYSICS RULE!
  9. 16iclark

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    Then boy are you in for a surprise, when SG finally releases;) I have no doubt that Sui Generis will be releasing sometime in the future. You said it yourself, SG already looked so well and advanced all the way back during the Kickstarter, and all they've been making since then has been progress!
  10. 16iclark

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    Get cooler friends. No but seriously, you can just see how the things from Exanima are totally transferable to SG. It makes sense to me, use Exanima as a source of income, feedback, get some publicity out of it, and most of all, use Exanima to test and implement new features that are...
  11. 16iclark


    And you're doing an awesome job, you and your whole team! Absolutely love Exanima and can't wait for SG to come out:) Take all the time you need to make SG as awesome and fun as I know it'll be!:D
  12. 16iclark

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Sunshine, at last! :D
  13. 16iclark

    Add a slow walk when in combat stance.

    You can run and walk while in combat mode, just hold down the right mouse button while in combat mode and adjust to whatever speed you want, not sure about staying defensive and being able to parry and walk at the same time though. Or did you mean an entirely new walking mode where you walk...
  14. 16iclark

    "Let's Learn!" series: Exanima tutorials.

    These are actually pretty good, kudos to the man who made them! I always struggle against an opponent who has a shield, and my favorite weapon is the pole hammer, so lesson 11 was especially helpful:D
  15. 16iclark

    Gender diferences.

    This ^^
  16. 16iclark

    So there's no thaumaturges on the Arena...

    Yeah that's exactly what I was referring to, just with a slightly Dovahkiin undertone;) Frankly all the Thaumaturgy I've seen in their videos looks pretty rad:p I'm definitely going to be role playing as a battle-mage when SG comes out!
  17. 16iclark

    So there's no thaumaturges on the Arena...

    All I want is to be able to FUS RO DAH my enemies off of buildings or cliffs, if I can do that in SG then I'll be happy:D Seriously though
  18. 16iclark

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    Like most folks I can't wait for Sui Generis to come out either, but Examina itself is an awesome game! And everything in Examina will be in Sui Generis, so I already know SG will be an awesome game too. Even more so from what I can tell. And people are absolutely right when they say to just...
  19. 16iclark

    Need more media!

    Maybe they're putting new ones up! :D Just some wishful thinking


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