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  1. walltar

    Development Update #2

    I think i was promissed a video in email :D ... (subject: Sui Generis development video #2) ... but good update non the less.
  2. walltar

    Astronaut avatars?!

    That is great ... i feel i need new spaceman avatar. :)
  3. walltar

    A Public Video

    Oh ... it is good now. When i clicked on vids on site i got "this video is private" and on theirs channel there was no videos. :confused:
  4. walltar

    A Public Video

    I think that best marketing for indie game is to go thru enthusiast press ... but game has to be at certain stage so you can give copies to people like TB so they can play it and make impession videos. This game is quite some time from being finished so i don't think there is need to make hype...
  5. walltar

    Alpha and beta access

    You will always have pople ask about ETA ... It is better to tell them that it will be anounced in future. There will be also people asking about ETA for ETA anouncement. You can't do nothing about it ... they just aren't patient enough.
  6. walltar

    Inventory handling

    Yep there is noting like good ol' triple post :D
  7. walltar


    Well in atmosphere of pointy swords and rock hard stones ... or even hot kitchen appliances, camp fires and pets with claws, nudity can be bad for one's health.
  8. walltar

    Real world physics...

    Never said it isn't possible ... I am just saying that you can march longer distances than sprint ... I don't know how long you can run in armor RL but in RPG you have to be able to run all the time or it will become realy annoying. So really debates about how long you can run in armour are for...
  9. walltar

    Real world physics...

    Nor he does fight with sword. I think that running and marching are two separate things. But we must be realistic ... you can't have game where caracter only walks. I would bite of my leg walking somewhere.... i tried to walk in skyrim for a while and i failed, it was so boring. So i think...
  10. walltar

    Swimming ?

    It don't have to add nothing ... i see big problem in no swimming ... eiter you have to make all water shallow, which is weird if you come across larger body of water and it is half meter deep or you have to make invisible walls/instant death to deep water, which is for me gamebreaking and...
  11. walltar

    Mounts and animals

    OMG Is that from new season of MLP? I would't go near it .... but it looks awesome.
  12. walltar

    Real world physics...

    Thanks for that video ... i must say i quite enjoy it.
  13. walltar

    Underworld visuals

    Crystal caves ... don't forget crystal caves. Just not purple glowing ones ... make realistic ones. Like this!
  14. walltar

    Mounts and animals

    Well skeletons are in so why not undead horses. But do you really want to sit on bunch of stinking rotting flesh? Also villagers won't be wery fond of your steed droppings.
  15. walltar

    Piercing vs Skeleton and Skeleton in general

    Well if you can loot skeletons before they reform just loot his leg and leave poor bugger to his fate. What would you do with old totally rusted armor anyways? I think if you use sword against heavy armored oponent you are going to have bad time ... sword weights around 1-1,5 kilos, so if you...
  16. walltar

    MrIdontKnow's Magically Wonderful Guide To The Search Button

    Good guide ... i didn't even know some things can be done with this search function. Plus i see my avatar ... I AM FAMOUS!
  17. walltar

    Wounds, Limbs and Gore

    But i just remembered story about japan biker ... A Japanese man continued to drive his motorcycle for over a mile after losing his right leg below the knee when he hit the central reservation on a motorway in Hamamatsu, south-west of Tokyo. Kazuo Osada, 54, described as a company worker...
  18. walltar

    Wounds, Limbs and Gore

    Well my father once told me how he woke up in hospital after they amputated his leg under knee. They gave him wrong dosage of painkillers. I don't think you can do anything with that kind of pain. In combat you would be full of adrenaline but i dint think even after that you could do much.
  19. walltar

    Sending private messages?

    Isn't "start conversation" option prety much like PM? ....
  20. walltar

    Show me your desktop!

    I allways have something from space. And i am changing it every month or so.


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