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  1. zhuliks

    Coffee Diary - Monthly Special 01/04/21

    Is this Sir..ious? :P
  2. zhuliks

    Shields are broken.

    Polearms and shields used to throw people around, then Madoc fixed it and now its back again.
  3. zhuliks

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Wont happen, I asked about it.
  4. zhuliks


    Thats actually extremely dangerous for cats to leave window like that, it can easily die if gets stuck and not removed quick enough.
  5. zhuliks

    Skin color problem

    Needs to be unhealthy pale to really black to get all human possible colors with red/yellow edges on sides. Mentioning human skin colors is not racist btw, saying some races are worse/better is.
  6. zhuliks

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Its a *she* :P
  7. zhuliks

    `Mordhau´ on Kickstarter: worth a look

    Skalla was ok about it, hes fine with becoming a meme. He was not ok with people spamming him the links on it :P
  8. zhuliks

    Для тех кто не знает ИнЯз

    Google Translate теперь использует нейронные сети для переводов с русского и на русский. Перевод выходит очень качественный, так что пользуйтесь для прямых вопросов на форуме и дискорде.
  9. zhuliks

    Golem Boss. Suggest your name.

    Hes obviously a golem president, just lacks lasers beams.
  10. zhuliks

    Ideas for stealth kills

    Drunk people tend to survive falls from high altitudes or in car crashes because their muscles are relaxed and not tense however. Some weapons are like a truck hitting you.
  11. zhuliks

    Ideas for stealth kills

    Will never happen, no double damage, no stealth kill animations. All you can hope for is to creep on someone and sneak in first hit, which can decide whole duel as usually heavy overhead knocks people down and you can finish them.
  12. zhuliks

    Weapon's "weight" stat.

    In Madocs words: "Weight is just weight, and it's weapon class specific, it's comparative not absolute" So that explains why wooden clubs might appear to have similar weight as 2h maces. Weight parameter is there to compare weapons of same class and type much like coverage parameter doesnt...
  13. zhuliks

    Weapon's "weight" stat.

    I cant believe you are still going, dont you realize how ridiculous those pictures are? Its just weight of a weapon done in a representation of a slider because none of the weapons have numbers in their description by design.
  14. zhuliks

    Weapon's "weight" stat.

    Im afraid you are wrong here. Thing is its just a polearm/2h weapon grip. Quarterstaf is a polearm and metal bar is considered 2 handed, so they have different grips. Furthermore it would make no sense to have weight define where balance point is, especially since there is a balance variable...
  15. zhuliks

    Support for analog stick

    On xbox gamepad it works everywhere.
  16. zhuliks

    Support for analog stick

    no option needed - if you have xinput supported gamepad and use left thumb it moves character screen-ralatively.
  17. zhuliks

    Spam in general discussions

    but its like gathering beer bottles in the park to sell where benches are made of solid gold and noone is guarding em. There are a lot bigger places with lot more idiots to click the links and less time and hassle to register.
  18. zhuliks

    Spam in general discussions

    its asian spammers, they manually register so bot filter cant help. Why did they choose this place to do it however is completely unknown and makes no sense.
  19. zhuliks

    Support for analog stick

    I use Joy2Key its simpler than fiddling with script code plus you DO NOT need to convert thumbstick input to WASD game has an undocumented support for left thumbstick support and its much better than just wasd, it supports precise thumb angle not just up-right-down-left wasd offers.
  20. zhuliks

    Для тех кто не знает ИнЯз

    Не. Скоро.


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