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  1. Muska

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    I understand this project is something slow to develop. I understand it very well, what I don't understand is why in hell is so difficult to dedicate some words once a week for us. Like yay guys how is it going we are still working on blablabla, be patient, we also made a rework on balbalbala...
  2. Muska

    Secure the web, thanks.

    Is kind of sad to see such an amazing project with this lack of feedback. It isn't that difficult to put a big announcement of web abandon and link to steam community, or just take the site down, or perhaps someone could just ONCE a week give us just a QUICK UNDETAILED status update / community...
  3. Muska

    Secure the web, thanks.

    I'm not an expert so far, but shouldn't you guys be using https:// ¿?¿¿? I really appreciate any information regarding this.


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