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    Coffee Diary 27/2/23

    Does this mean that sui generis is not even 20 percent ready?
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    Coffee Diary 28/11/22

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    Coffee Diary 21/11/22

    the game urgently needs multiplayer
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    Coffee Diary 14/11/22

    will we see a ready-made game before the onset of nuclear winter?
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    Sui Generis release date??

    never apparently
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    Shit levels

    it's just that you're a pathetic weakling so nothing will work out for you
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    Exanima 0.8.4

    another month without news about the release of sui generis
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    Coffee Diary 11/7/22

    How difficult is it to create cooperative and random cards with opponents? This is what exanima lacks
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    Coffee Diary 13/6/22

    Maybe you can still show at least a little news about Sui-Generis? I would like to at least know if this game is in development and at what stage it is
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    Coffee Diary 7/3/22

    Will I be able to play sui generis before the Third World War begins? :D
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    Coffee Diary 7/2/22

    I wonder if I can play sui generis before I become an old man? :rolleyes:
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    Coffee Diary 24/1/22

    it would be cool to see the damage to the bodies during impacts
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    Coffee Diary 22/11/21

    It seems to me that it looks like cheating, if the development is so difficult, why not find people who could help? For people with kickstarter, this is cheating, working with the public is just zero
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    Exanima Beta

    Will there be news about sui generis. Will I be able to play this game before I get old?
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    Coffee Diary 22/11/21

    will there ever be news about sui generis?
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    Updates about which they write concern only minor details, alas, but nothing big has been shown...

    Updates about which they write concern only minor details, alas, but nothing big has been shown to us, and it already seems that sui generis will never see the light
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    Coffee Diary 11/10/21

    Apparently we will never see the full version of the game :(


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