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  1. Yaar Podshipnik

    Unknown Sword

    This is quite possibly a homage to Terminus Est, a sword from The Book of the New Sun (a book I highly recommend). Both Exanima and TBotNS tell their story in a minimalist fashion, with most interesting things having to be puzzled out by the reader/player instead of just being dumped on them.
  2. Yaar Podshipnik

    Thoughts on the Two-handed Sword?

    This sword also might be a reference to Gene Wolfe's Solar Cycle, "The Book of the New Sun" in particular. Somebody mentioning this in some other thread here made me read it, and boy, was I grateful for that! As far as the usefulness of the sword goes, I do like it even when playing on L5. It...
  3. Yaar Podshipnik

    :spoilers: crystal powers

    And what about: and
  4. Yaar Podshipnik

    Daylight Robbery (v0.6.1.0c Beta)

    I really don't understand folks who are exploiting bugs. If you want to cheat to get all the cool gear, use CheatEngine and do it cleanly, instead of relying on glitches that might ruin your save.
  5. Yaar Podshipnik

    What's Next?

    You still have to solve the camera control issue - which player controls it? What angle is best for Player 1 might not be good for Player 2.
  6. Yaar Podshipnik

    Becoming a late backer of Sui Generis

    Not sure if it's better to buy directly. I've seen at least one game developer say that yes, they do get a little bit less from purchases on steam, but steam tends to show off games with more sales more often. Which ultimately leads to more sales and more money. I would really like to hear from...
  7. Yaar Podshipnik

    Becoming a late backer of Sui Generis

    Yeah, some of the folks I know will be getting surprise Exanima gift for Christmas :) I still wouldn't mind spending in 80-100GBP for some extras. I've already got more fun out of Exanima than several AAA titles combined.
  8. Yaar Podshipnik

    Becoming a late backer of Sui Generis

    Now that we got the awesome 0.6 update, and the awesome feature list of the upcoming patch, I want more than ever to show my appreciation for this game. Devs, give us PayPal/Amazon/whatever late backer option!
  9. Yaar Podshipnik

    What's Next?

    Wow, it sounds like the updated arena will be a pretty good game on its own! Looking forward to managing my band of merciless killers! Also, great dev update! Exactly the kind of thing every Early Access game should do IMO!
  10. Yaar Podshipnik

    No steam sale?

    You live in UK (having GBP cash) and don't have a bank account with a debit card? How do you do that?
  11. Yaar Podshipnik

    No steam sale?

    It's still early access, why put it on sale? And 11GBP is less than a movie ticket.
  12. Yaar Podshipnik

    I'm giving up on the game

    About getting good... Today I beat the Novice arena for the first time. It felt awesome. I thought I will get wiped on Expert - nope, got to the final boss on the third try! It didn't take that much time too. I've got 36h on steam clock, and quite a big chunk is for the story mode as I was going...
  13. Yaar Podshipnik

    I'm giving up on the game

    @Stratohero, I think you gave up too early. It took me around 10h of play time, more or less 50/50 split on story vs. arena to actually get the feel for combat. Mind, I actually consider myself quite terrible at these kinds of games. I probably died more than 100 times in Dark Souls before...
  14. Yaar Podshipnik

    small request to make of the new monsters spawn atoms do not have one boring

    You don't hang a lot 'round the internet, do you?
  15. Yaar Podshipnik

    small request to make of the new monsters spawn atoms do not have one boring

    Bonich86 is also using quite offensive language. He would deserve a report if this was in english: That roughly translates to: "Why the f*** I'm talking here, sodding Europe", but that really doesn't properly express the negativity of the whole expression. He also calls the players "олени"...
  16. Yaar Podshipnik


    I, for one, have as much fun making my own maps as just playing the game. I just wish there was a simple way of measuring the length of couple of those long corridors - I'm always worried I'm off by a tile or two...
  17. Yaar Podshipnik

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    Really nice update! The characters seem to move more fluidly now. For some reason I also find arena a bit more difficult now, and the dungeon undead easier. Kudos for providing such a detailed note with patch!
  18. Yaar Podshipnik


    Compare and contrast to how KSP handles communicating progress to players via their DevNote Tuesdays: Maybe I'm spoiled, but that is how I would like developers of Early Access games to communicate (KSP is no longer EA, but they did exactly the same thing during...
  19. Yaar Podshipnik

    Weapon sheath on the character?

    Already commented on in this post.
  20. Yaar Podshipnik


    To me, it's not about getting the release faster, but knowing what the team is working on. I think a lot of frustration is born from people not knowing about what's coming beyond "additional features" and "improvements". The team should take all the time they need to deliver the level of quality...


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