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  1. Ruusunpuna

    Question about jousting

    Thanks for the reply! Yes, that's kinda what I thought. I'm not sure how deep the shield-lance collision mechanic will be since I have to finish the game in quite a short time. But I think my mechanic will be okay even if it's not 100% realistic. If I can I will maybe make the lance react...
  2. Ruusunpuna

    Question about jousting

    Hey, I'm working on a mini gameproject in Unity. It's supposed to be a little jousting game. I thought of a game mechanic where you would try to move your shield to deflect the opponents lance. But I'm a bit uncertain on how jousting really works. In videos I've seen the knights either have a...
  3. Ruusunpuna

    Worlds Adrift - Sandbox MMO with physics

    I'm gonna necro this thread because I want to know if this could help with the multiplayer of Exanima/Sui Generis. So Worlds Adrift uses a whole new system that allows them to make a Sandbox MMO with physics. And they're a very small team compared to usual MMO teams. The system is called...
  4. Ruusunpuna

    Worlds Adrift - Sandbox MMO with physics

    Hello friends of physics and MEANING in games! I stumbled upon this in-development game called Worlds Adrift. Seems extremely cool to me. I think many here will appreciate it as well. You fly with airships across air-islands in a persistent world with everything physics-based! Check it out and...
  5. Ruusunpuna

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I'm always max zoomed in in combat. Doesn't everyone do that? ;P
  6. Ruusunpuna

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Hey SwordJoe, glad you enjoy the game! The arena mode will get a complete overhaul with at least one new outdoor arena, characters with persistent experience and more varied fights. If I remember correctly you will also be able to buy new equipment and bet on npc fighters. As for a connection...
  7. Ruusunpuna

    Profile pictures Thread

    My pic is the cover of Rammstein's America-single. My name is also Rammstein's Rosenrot-album translated into finnish (rose-red). I've been a huge fan of the band and I've seen them live twice. Though now I have a much bigger list of bands I love than when I was a huge fan. Still mostly metal...
  8. Ruusunpuna

    Local music thread!

    Yes, I enjoyed the song! I've actually stumbled into the name but haven't listened to them until now. Though I hope the scene broadens and more unique bands rise up. Right now a lot of bands all sound the same. Same influences, same results... But it's a step towards the right direction. Today...
  9. Ruusunpuna

    Local music thread!

    As an old-school metalhead I'm happy that some small bands here in Finland have started making real metal again! Guys in their twenties playing "80's" heavy metal, the way it should sound. I can but hope that more people start playing real heavy metal again instead of all that modern...
  10. Ruusunpuna

    Put in a saving function ASAP

    No, of course I immerse myself and take in the whole world and it's lore the first times I encounter new things. But when I've "already experienced everything numerous times" I don't find much point in going through it all again, time after time... There are only so many times you can read a...
  11. Ruusunpuna

    Put in a saving function ASAP

    Here's a copy of my recent Steam-forum post with my view on the saving-topic: "I oppose a standard save/load system, not because I want to play a "difficult" or artificially "hardcore" game. I feel much like Sir Galahad in his post: Originally posted by Sir Galahad the pure: "When I think of...
  12. Ruusunpuna

    Feedback and thoughts.

    Are you talking about Hariwulf? Man, that guy is the definition of a difficult person... o_O
  13. Ruusunpuna

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Currently enemies who want to fight with you just blindly follow you and try to kill you. I thought it would be incredibly cool to have a "stalker" type of enemy that plays a bit differently. The stalker follows you around from a distance and tries to hide and surprise you. It fights you for a...
  14. Ruusunpuna

    Put in a saving function ASAP

    I think i heard that the skill system is rather permanent so if you die you don't have to start at 0. If that in fact is the case then it should help.
  15. Ruusunpuna

    Kicking and the like

    I'm definitely in support of a kick/push/shield bash/punch. Something like that would change the "safe-zone" hugging into something very tense. Maybe have a bit of a stun-effect as a result, like when hit to the head, but would allow the attacker to follow up with a quick strike.
  16. Ruusunpuna

    Is there a way to find out how much I have backed the game so far?

    If you go to "Account" at the bottom of the page and log in there, you should see your level of backing. EDIT. Well, we're just way too helpful around here :D
  17. Ruusunpuna

    Website Issues

    I noticed that main page's "Exanima Beta Released" news "Read more..."-link leads to if you're on On the link leads to the correct...
  18. Ruusunpuna

    Will Sue Generis include modification support?

    From the Grand list of dev quotes on features Modding: ↑ We will do whatever we can to make this possible but we're not yet comfortable with promising a complete modding solution. Some of the more advanced features currently require significant technical knowledge and providing a broad user...
  19. Ruusunpuna

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    This is really something I've imagined and find very exciting. With today's popularity of E-sports and spectating I honestly believe Sui Generis pvp-streams could be a huge hit. I believe Sui Generis has very unique potential for this, for many reasons. 1. Everyone "gets" it. Say you've never...
  20. Ruusunpuna

    Real life whip-swords

    Just saw these glitchy whip-like swords! Pretty cool, thought I would share! They're called "Urumi". Edit. Searched the forums now afterwards ;), these have already been showcased in "the armoury"...


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