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  1. Kale

    What's taking so long?

    Indeed. I don't think it's an abandoned project, and I did get a good bit of fun from it already. But this lack of any news is deafening.
  2. Kale


    afaik, they are still working on it. I mean this release was just 3 to 4 months ago, which is still pretty recent. Been a while since i've checked but, i think they're more active on the steam forums.
  3. Kale

    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    Allow me... Mainstream games would be games that basically anyone can get into rather easily. This game ain't one of them. Ergo, not a mainstream game. I think that's right. Anyone want to correct me?
  4. Kale


    Cloth physics!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
  5. Kale

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    I'm happy with my purchase. The combat, at first is really jarring and feels bad. I've stopped playing for about a year or so, and recently came back last month ish? I feel more or less much better about it. Not sure if they did something since I haven't paid that much attention for the time...
  6. Kale

    Prelude Alpha Release

    Hooray, haven't been here in a while and I come back to this! Awesome.
  7. Kale

    Procedural Generation

    Randomly generated or procedurally generated? o_O As far as I understand it, procedurally generated just means that it's generated by procedure instead of a pre-made complete "thing." Like mixing different thing's to make something.
  8. Kale

    New Public Video

    I think it could very well be a suggested weight and awkward design. Carrying 3 lb sword is more encumbering than a 10lb backpack.
  9. Kale

    Any idea on an ETA for Alpha?

    Hah, nice! February. I probably won't have 2 jobs then! So I'll actually have time to play.
  10. Kale


    Why would it having Online make you like it less, or more? It shouldn't affect the game at all unless it specifically affected the game. If it were online only, then yea, I can see that. But just having online shouldn't change anything. As for making things online... the thought is simple. Fun...
  11. Kale

    New Public Video

    Here are just things I saw... most because it bothered me... The running/walking animation,... It needs a lot of polishing! The floatiness makes me think of 9 Nine Dragons' (an MMO) lightfoot technique, though obviously not quite that exaggerated. Though I'm sure that it is far from what a...
  12. Kale

    Daemons, Demons and Dragons... And the likes of it

    On a random note... will there be type specific weapons? Like Dragon Slayer Sword that.... kills dragon super fast?
  13. Kale

    Will this game be shown off?

    Well, anyone who signed up for the Alpha, should know that an Alpha is just that. A very incomplete game, that needs tons of work. If that is a case, it shouldn't be played by the public as it would generate more negative thoughts on the game than good. And with Alpha game play, we can actually...
  14. Kale

    Second Kickstarter

    I see what you're saying. But the only sensible thing is do what you planned to do, then add on to it. What really gets me, is they actually set up a second kickstarter, for another game while being unable to do their first. Seems incredibly shady. I can see the whole argument that no company...
  15. Kale

    Second Kickstarter

    Surely, you meant this.... More than twice is putting it mildly. They got nearly 10 ten times their goal. A bit past 8, to be closer. As for it being easy to make, I dunno. Just because it's a point and click doesn't...
  16. Kale

    SUI: Game or Game Engine?

  17. Kale

    Here, take my money! through paypal.
  18. Kale

    Facts for the Devs

    Lore is important. And this would give justification to the ability of a turtle to be flying at you at 100 mph, as an attack. *BOOM* Mind Blown!
  19. Kale


    Bad press does sell copies. It's really just press that gets the name out there, and when it's something like nudity, it'll probably be talked about. Not to mention the people who'll be interested in said nudity, and people who are curious. The hot coffee controversy was really more about the...
  20. Kale

    A plea for a good or no tutorial.

    I love VtmB, but I do hate the fact that doing the tutorial gave you more than what you would have otherwise. I do believe you get 2 exp and the lock pick for free. It should not do that.


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