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  1. Nightrise

    New Writer Joins the Team

    A fellow Neverwinter Nights game master - welcome! It's great to see Bare Mettle hiring talented writers who come from the rpg community and have an intimate understanding of what makes for fun reading :). Maybe you'll even manage to convince the rest of the team what an amazing addition a...
  2. Nightrise

    Kickstarter update #6: Combat Explained, Mostly

    Great job with the update guys, and thanks for all your hard work Kieran in putting together this video! Keep it coming ;). Edit: The new wasteland environment looks phenomenal! Please don't make us beg for your toolset haha, there are many of us who would give an arm and a leg for such...
  3. Nightrise

    Unnecessary Mechanics You'd Like to See

    Definitely the flail :D, especially after seeing that giant house the player with it lol.
  4. Nightrise

    Kickstarter Campaign

    So after reading some of the various follow-ups to this thread, as well as noticing the development team's updates to the kickstarter, I thought I might compile a list of what needs urgent doing. Promote, Promote, Promote! The fact that this forum only has 136 members currently registered is...
  5. Nightrise

    Kickstarter Campaign

    I think that was meant to be a joke actually - that they're focusing on English for now.
  6. Nightrise

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Thank you for the clarifications Madoc! Very excited to hear that most of the above-cited features are up for consideration. It's too bad that 50+ servers are out of the question, that pretty much shelves the dream of a large multiplayer role-playing server. Hopefully you guys revisit that...
  7. Nightrise

    Character Animations

    Personally, I really like how the animations are physics based - not saying they couldn't use some work, but I think this is definitely the right track. One idea I had, which I think would be really interesting is if your character combat animations "changed" or "evolved" depending on your...
  8. Nightrise

    Kickstarter update #5: Featured on Forbes

    Awesome article! Great to see the project getting some very favorable press from established publications. My thoughts exactly :).
  9. Nightrise

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Great idea to centralize suggestions PipesOfMadness ! Thanks to moderators for stickying this. - Multi-player Experience - Toolkit/Modding Tools for custom content - Dedicated Servers (player-operated) - Storyteller/Dungeon Master mode (mostly for multiplayer) I feel like a combination of...
  10. Nightrise

    Kickstarter Campaign

    Its indeed important to be careful with one's promises :), and I can understand being cautious. But let's not forget what kickstarter is: a funding platform where projects make their pitch to future users of the product. These aren't institutional investors or publishers who are uninterested in...
  11. Nightrise

    Kickstarter Campaign

    Hello ! Having followed and invested in various kickstarter projects, particularly computer rpgs, I've become somewhat familiar with what makes or breaks a kickstarter campaign. Given the amazing potential of Sui Generis, I'm a bit saddened that it hasn't captured the traction that it deserves...
  12. Nightrise

    Neverwinter Nights (1&2)

    That's mostly a matter of optimization Venom, the developers have already affirmed that the physics calculations and frame-rate is extremely fast. Whatever the case, thats a technical aspect best addressed by the developers themselves. Given the increasing number of First-Person Shooters which...
  13. Nightrise

    Neverwinter Nights (1&2)

    Hey everybody, I posted a couple threads on the Neverwinter Nights 1 and Neverwinter Nights 2 forums at Bioware ( to spread the word on Sui Generis! Its through friends in this community that I learned about it, and I've seen those games mentioned on these forums a...
  14. Nightrise

    Persistent multiplayer a possibility?

    I'd like to further Valvar's point here - this could be a huge incentive for many people, especially given the total absence of a game of this type right now. The last player-editable game with a custom toolset and a multiplayer component was Neverwinter Nights 2 (Obsidian). Those who know the...


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