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    Awesome, thanks for your effort BareMettle !
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    Exanima 0.6 Released

    You guys are literally the most toughtful, best, honest dev team there is!! In days where companies like Bethesda is feeding fucking bullshit to the masses, making each game worse than the one before, copy pasting animations from earlier games... in these days you stand out as a studio that...
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    Exanima Greenlit on Steam

    My words excatly ;)
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    How long does it take for Bare mettle to contact you if you contacted them?

    Once had the same problem, they devs were very quick and helpfull in my case!!! Only took about 1 day, but i think you will have to wait a couple of days because they are very busy at the moment!!
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    Congratulations on Exanima

    I would like to express my gratitude and honest deep admiration for the whole dev-team!! Not many people realize this, but you guys are making history in the gaming branche here, it´s amazing what a small, but very dedicated team with a very interesting vision can achieve!! I´d suggest you...
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    Just read about Berky. I really do hope she gets well soon!! What´s the matter with her? What a...

    Just read about Berky. I really do hope she gets well soon!! What´s the matter with her? What a beautiful cat she is! :D
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    Steam Greenlight

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    SG Giveaway/Contest - Take part in the rewrite of RPG history!

    It´s nice that some people here always kinda describe my thougths, so i can be lazy and don´t have to do so ;)
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    Steam Greenlight

    Greetings to all of you, Maybe some of you don´t know but this game is on the concept section on Steam Greenlight! As far as i know this means, if the game gets enough interest/support there, it will be Greenlit! I believe many of you guys have a Steam account, so go out there favorise the...
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    Did I miss something with the new SG team avatars?

    I don´t wanna upset anyone, really... but i think this post is completely useless in the insider forum and irrelevant!!! We should be discussing the game, not why the friggin´ avatars of the devs´s changed!! This subject is not important enough to even start a thred, you could just asked...


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