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  1. warmhotself


    Another amazing update BM, many thanks. Just ran through story mode again and the changes to combat are notable and exciting. Switching weapon sets certainly helped beyond the portal, although something...unpredictable happened in level 4, with
  2. warmhotself

    I'm a SG backer but I can't get on the insider forum...

    Proof that I do not lie ;)
  3. warmhotself

    I'm a SG backer but I can't get on the insider forum...

    Hey Agnes, thanks for the reply. I backed the original SG kickstarter campaign with a £20 pledge, using the email address of this account but I don't have insider privildges :( I think I screwed up somehow when I made my forum account.
  4. warmhotself

    I'm a SG backer but I can't get on the insider forum...

    Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? I registered my forum account with the email address I used to back the original Kickstarter, but it won't let me see the insider forum when I log in.
  5. warmhotself

    New Arena (v Beta)

    A bunch of other content (thrusting attacks!) also added :D
  6. warmhotself

    Exanima Beta - Thrusts, Hirelings and more

    Madoc you weren't kidding when you said the updates would be coming quicker from now on! I just beat level 4 finally (it only took me 18 hours). Gah this game is so awesome! You guys!
  7. warmhotself

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Good gracious! As always, huge props to Madoc et al for this continuously amazing and fulfilling project. Happy new year BM!
  8. warmhotself

    T is for torch

    Hey Bare Mettle/everyone, so apologies if this is old news (I honestly haven't had time to read every post here), but I found a way to 2-hand and use the torch too. This might be unintentional, though! I was trying to find the most viable way to wield a powerful weapon without being left in...
  9. warmhotself

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    Holy heck! Thanks guys! Fallout 4 will have to wait...
  10. warmhotself

    Exanima is unbelievably good.

    It took me a while to run Daggerfall on Dosbox, but it is possible. I copied the files from the CD ROM into a folder on my hard drive and then mounted that folder as a D:\ drive in Dosbox. It's a dauntingly vast and unending game but well worth a try. It's also incredibly punishing.
  11. warmhotself

    Exanima is unbelievably good.

    I was completely captivated by Sui Generis on Kickstarter and backed it as soon as I saw the pitch video. Unfortunately I've not had a PC capable of running Exanima until now, and have only just managed to play through the game. Wow, my expectations were high and you still managed to surpass...


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