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  1. calithlin

    Modeling fighting stances in medieval swordsmanship

    I am intrigued by your thorough and detailed breakdown of your suggested changes, @Blackbeard. At least with my own programming background I was able to follow the logic of your suggestion quite readily given your pseudocode example. It seemed to possibly function similar to some node based AI I...
  2. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    I'm starting to secretly wish for some kind of easter-egg style reference to this absurdity we've kept running in-game... Like some villager hallucinating that everyone's heads are animals and they're wearing white suits. Or a strange series of inexplicable hieroglyphs depicting animals with...
  3. calithlin


    I'll definitely second (or third) having shopkeepers not buy things they can't reasonably expect to sell. If anything, it can be done as simply as a stored variable (or list) for what items the shopkeeper specializes in. If they don't match up with what the player tries to sell them, "Sorry, but...
  4. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Lookin' good!
  5. calithlin

    New Background Image

    I think the reason is that I've always gone on here via my work computer and it never rendered on there for some reason ha!
  6. calithlin

    New Background Image

    So I noticed a new background image on the Forum - maybe it's been there a while but it certainly seems new. Is this a concept painting (in which case, looks fantastic), or a photoshop filtered in-game screenshot? (Which, also, looks great!)
  7. calithlin


    I think there's a certain confusing level of cognitive dissonance going on for those that can accept children being removed from the game but remain up in arms about the possibility that full nudity might get nix'ed for the same reason. I'm all for a game where the decapitation of children and...
  8. calithlin


    Ex: The nude / soft-core sex scene in the Witcher 2... it was so out of place it was almost jarring why the developers would have spent all that time shoe-horning it into the game. Not to mention the absurd sex trading card mechanic in the first game that scene was (I assume) an homage to...
  9. calithlin

    Melee Combat

    I like where Madoc is already going, but this is also an interesting suggestion! The saw you wield a 1 handed axe and a 1 handed mace are pretty similar, even though they are different damage types, but one would image they would be wielded much differently than a sword or long knife. Again...
  10. calithlin

    Hello a few questions about Sui Generis

    It's not 3D dirt particles, but a dirt map, which means texture (the dirt is applied onto an object's UV map). Basically you have things like ambient occlusion maps which can approximate areas of darkness in cracks on an object etc, but what this does is applies a realistic layer of dirt...
  11. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

  12. calithlin

    NPC AI in Everquest Next, similar to Sui Generis?

    So it seems that Sony has partnered with Storybricks, a games AI company specializing in modular behavioral NPC AI and interaction, in order to create the NPC behaviors for Everquest Next (a sandbox MMO set in the Everquest universe, due within a year or two). Apparently, the idea is to create...
  13. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Awesome job Nox! xD
  14. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Ill look into it Tuesday or Wednesday night when I have some free time. Cropping out everyone and making it look decent may take some finagling.
  15. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Our first casualty... RIP Bearstronaut... we knew ye well. Sort of.
  16. calithlin


    I'm for this. Maybe under an 'advanced' customization setting.
  17. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Glad to have you aboard, Foxy. We needed an espionage specialist.
  18. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    What DO you eat anyway, pancakeman? Syrup?
  19. calithlin

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Copies of Sui Generis of course! Granted about half of us are carnivores, we may end up bringing a few liquified prey-animal astronaut-food-tube things though. Or in our T-Rex's case, a few oil drums full.
  20. calithlin


    Something longer than shoulder-length may have issues with self-collision with armor (or wrapping around and getting stuck on it). We'll have to see.


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