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  1. Krompus

    Coffee Diary 26/6/23

    AMAZING!!! o_O
  2. Krompus

    Coffee Diary 11/4/22

    > being able to punch while holding a shield :D️️
  3. Krompus

    Coffee Diary 21/3/22

    Truly innovative; I can't wait to cut and stab and hook and bonk with the new weapons format! :D
  4. Krompus

    Coffee Diary 7/3/22

    Incredible. Your work is truly innovative, it's inspiring to observe. Thank you!
  5. Krompus

    Coffee Diary 14/2/22

    Thanks for the Linux fix! Delighted to be delving into the depths once more. I'm eagerly anticipating the "weapon flipping" / grip variations!


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