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    Is it possible to raise shield for blocking? Otherwise, tried the game for first time and it seem so unresponsible in the combat department. I click LMB but there is no attack.
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    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    How much of a game is there in this Beta? I mean is there a story? How many levels of dungeons?
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    Running improvements and combat controls

    Nice improvements. Some observations :) 1. Need foot prints in the sand and dust/debri from ground when feets are moving in the sand. 2. Combat animations seem a little slow. Great music. BR Anders
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    New Public Video

    Proud to be a backer when I see the progress. Looks exciting. Some observatons: 1. Weapon impact missing on player when hit. Like when the axe hits the character it should stutter. Also, in one scene the axe hits the head and back with no damage marks. If a axe hits to te head you should be...


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