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    Game engine

    Agreeing with everyone here - very interested
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    My first question(s)

    I'm not sure but, from what I understand, the 'level editor' is optional. So if you desperately wanted to change something you could. Also, having cheating in a single player game with no highscores doesn't matter because it's just people who don't want to play the game they paid for. If that...
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    Design your own level reward.

    I don't know the answer to your question, but you are awesome for donating so much :D Hope you enjoy designing your area :)
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    Character Control/Movement

    Will there be a 2nd- or even 1st-person view? HarroK I think you mean 2nd-person. But I might be (and probably am) wrong. If I am, then the "2nd person view" is meant to be "over the shoulder view"
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    A confession

    This can only be a good thing. Now any Argentinians who were alive in the 70's and liked this band and are looking back to their past will see this game. Provided they click the link, like gaming, like this specific game and can afford it then there's some customers right there! But yeah...
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    Non-Combat Gameplay

    Is crafting not going to be in the game? Also, non-combat skills could be cool
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    Non-Human Races

    Hey, not sure about anything else but I assume the game will have a modding community which will make every race playable, albeit probably not as realistically as the devs would. So you might have to wait some time but if you're desperate I'm sure you will be able to play the other races eventually
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    Kickstarter awards

    I also noticed that the £40 version with Alpha access gives you 2 copies of the game. I want Alpha access, but not 2 copies. Is there a way to make a tier with only 1 copy and Alpha? If not, can I sell the other copy to a friend?
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    a Suggestion (feudal system)

    I like this idea, having your own property to upgrade. However I do understand where Henry is coming from with the "cash cow" thing. It would have to be done fairly which could end up with some people complaining that the income is not realistic.


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