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  1. Justin_Paplus

    Exanima 0.4.2 Beta Released

    Strange it's the 0.4.2 version and now it works after relaunching the game for a second time.
  2. Justin_Paplus

    Exanima 0.4.2 Beta Released

    Are you sure about "• Fixed torch not casting a shadow of itself" ? The torch doesn't seem to cast a shadow for me
  3. Justin_Paplus

    Exanima Combat Movement Changes

    With that new way of moving, I think it will be easier to fight 2 oponents or more ,which is a good thing cause itwasn't the case for me before . We need to test it more for sure.
  4. Justin_Paplus

    Exanima Combat Movement Changes

    I quickly played with new patch/movement and the first impression is that it's faster pace now and you can be out of reach pretty easily and avoid beeing hit, a sort of jump in/jump out dance with your enemy. I find myself turning my back on my enemy quite often now, it's a bit hard to control...
  5. Justin_Paplus

    Exanima gaining traction!

    Bare mettle should contact them : [email protected]
  6. Justin_Paplus

    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    Really cool, I really hope you will have the success you deserve ! You did not mention "Sui Generis" at all but Examina only, is it normal ? It would have been great, when searching for Sui Generis on Youtube to find your Examina video.
  7. Justin_Paplus

    Worth a read

    They could add dialogues like the ones in Kingpin maybe ? :D
  8. Justin_Paplus

    Snow effect

    I suppose there will be realistic snow ingame, did you devs already test that, using your weather tech (that could simulate a snow storm) ? snowy landscape would add a lot to Sui Generis mood. I suppose that with a use of a shader blending and your procedural tech it would not be a problem for...
  9. Justin_Paplus

    So did you guy find a good animator ?

    I know that,but with the mocap they could have realistic animation starts, that blend with their physics based animations.So we keep all the process really realistic but its just an idea if they prefer to work with keyframes it's their choice and may be more simple to use.
  10. Justin_Paplus

    Anyone Playing Chivalry: medieval Warfare here ?

    Thanks for the support mate, we at Torn Banner really appreciate.:)
  11. Justin_Paplus

    Swimming ?

    You got a really nice water ingame and I was wondering if it will be possible in the final game, to swim to cross rivers, or reach an island in a middle of a lake for example.Using the same idea will there be manoeuvrable boats to pass through flooded areas or lakes ?
  12. Justin_Paplus

    circling around foes

    Gameplay should be the heart of the game so the "not very life like" feelling is secondary in my opinion though important.I prefer a game that plays smoothly over a very realistic one, but if they can combine both it would be just great.
  13. Justin_Paplus

    Anyone Playing Chivalry: medieval Warfare here ?
  14. Justin_Paplus

    Your Favorite RPG(s)?

    Dungeon Master, where it all started
  15. Justin_Paplus

    So did you guy find a good animator ?

    Was wondering, but its maybe too soon ;) Why not use 2 kinects for motion capture :rolleyes: ?
  16. Justin_Paplus

    circling around foes

    I don't like assist very much nor console games and their auto aiming but in Severance , blade of darkness it worked pretty well and was thinking it could suit Sui Generis too, but if the devs got a system that works fine and is intuitive then it's all good.I m pretty confident, the guys know...
  17. Justin_Paplus

    circling around foes

    I see what you mean but it won't as easy to follow the enemy with your mouse and concentrate on tactics.Maybe they could include it as an option you can tick in the gameplay menu, that lock thing I mean ? The lock would help you to throw your sword toward your enemy when beeing far away from them
  18. Justin_Paplus

    circling around foes

    I d like to be able to lock the enemies and be able to switch from one to another , that way you would always face your enemy and make circles around him when fighting him. It worked great on blade of Darkness


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