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  1. Murf

    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    In story mode, you start wearing a shirt and pants, and as you said you have a metal spike, or piece of wood. Since that's the case, don't attack anything until you are better equipped.
  2. Murf

    Streaming early beta patch.

    Streaming the early beta test for this DOES NOT represent what the public will get or
  3. Murf

    to all advertisement spammers ...

    They are not bots and we clear many that ya don't even see. :)
  4. Murf

    Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?

    Yes, it has always done that.
  5. Murf

    Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?

    Yep, such is the way for a game in development. When thaumaturgy comes, everyone will have to start over from level 1 anyways. Old saves will not work.:)
  6. Murf

    Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?

    Nope, that's the last one, at the portal. You are plenty geared by then and you know how to fight by then. So any loss of life after that will take you back to the portal. even if you are level 13
  7. Murf

    Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?

    The portal will be the last checkpoint. For the rest of the 10 levels (14 total) No others even if 'enable checkpoints' is checked.
  8. Murf

    Epic Sir Battle

    WARNING!! This video contains content from the latest update, if you want ti all to remain a mystery, do not watch.
  9. Murf

    Boss not spawning? (Spoilers)

    When he is just wandering around his pathfinding is the same as when he is chasing you. Just like he can go through any doors that are not latched he can walk right into that hole if it is uncovered.
  10. Murf

    Boss not spawning? (Spoilers)

    Did you remove the boards over the pit before you were knocked out? It's possible he wandered into it and feel to his death, bless his heart :(
  11. Murf

    Dead by Daylight

    20 min of gameplay footage. Killer gameplay at 11:50 It;s up for pre-order now. Release is June 14th, Deluxe gets you three beta keys, one for you and two to give away., Beta starts May 31st.
  12. Murf

    Successful Robbery of the Arena Store!

    yes as that breaks or bypasses the mechanics they have put in place. ie. barrier to prevent getting into the shop
  13. Murf

    Training mode

    There is a Practice under Arena, and there may be other things added to the training room at a future date.
  14. Murf

    Exanima Beta - Thrusts, Hirelings and more

    NO worries, I was just making sure everything was working smoothly on my end for when we get to test teh update. NO word on when, but hopefully not too much longer.
  15. Murf

    Calm before the storm?

    Here is some info regarding the upcoming update
  16. Murf

    Wounds, limps, and complete limb disablement

    Devs have stated if dismemberment was added, it would be cosmetic only as you would die if you lost a limb
  17. Murf

    What's Next?

    Patch notes usually come out at time of release, changes are being made up until it drops.
  18. Murf

    Items in inventory appearing as black boxes

    Its an issue with OBS studio not Exanima, there has been no fix in the last 3 updates to obs studio. Have to use OBS classic or a different program to stream.
  19. Murf

    Camera is too far back

    Testers haven't even gotten it yet :( hopefully soon :)


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