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  1. NinjaTigers

    Astronaut avatars?!

    That is awesome, I wish I had made my avatar into the Space Tiger before you did this!
  2. NinjaTigers

    A Public Video

    I also am definitely planning on doing a Let's Play on Sui Generis, if the devs are okay with it ;) . Unfortunately, I won't be getting it early, so I have to wait a bit longer than some people which gives me a bit of a disadvantage in the Youtube market.
  3. NinjaTigers

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Yes, but NinjaTigers are to rare to snatch a picture of. We just have imagined drawings!
  4. NinjaTigers

    Astronaut avatars?!

    DARN! You took my animal!
  5. NinjaTigers

    A Public Video

    I too would love an update, but you must realize they are busy and they might just be working on internal programming at the moment, so visually it would be a kinda boring video. Just believe in the Devs, they definitely have my vote of confidence! A+ Devs! And us general public just have to be...
  6. NinjaTigers

    Extremely impressed and worried

    I found this on Reddit, one of the few time I have gone on it I found this game. So lucky!
  7. NinjaTigers

    Piercing vs Skeleton and Skeleton in general

    But I love katana's! Have one in real life :p Now that would be cool!
  8. NinjaTigers

    Piercing vs Skeleton and Skeleton in general

    Interesting concept. Only problem (if we want to get technical) is that a, katana, for example, wouldn't be 100% It still has some weight behind it that would inflict some bashing/hacking damage. And if you stab with a katana, it could also cause piercing damage. But the ideas of different...
  9. NinjaTigers

    Sui Generis could have been worse

    Sumotori is hilarious! But Toribash is just straight awesome. Takes a large amount of skill! I am terrible at it :p.
  10. NinjaTigers

    Have a question? I can usually be of help!

    Have a question? I can usually be of help!
  11. NinjaTigers

    Have a question? I can usually be of help!

    Have a question? I can usually be of help!
  12. NinjaTigers

    Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone! I am quite new to the forum, but have followed Sui Generis for a little while. I found the Kckstarter via reddit (as did many others). I am currently in High School in the USA, and I love video-games! Have played them all my life; all thanks to my older brother :D . I also am...
  13. NinjaTigers

    Kickstarter update #13: There Will Be Blood... And Fire And Shields!

    The blood seems like an awesome addition! It not only looks cool but makes it easier to track just how hard you hit someone!
  14. NinjaTigers

    Sui Generis is amazing!

    Sui Generis is amazing!


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