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  1. BigT2themax

    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    To be fair, man, this whole forum is a bit slow at times. I'm actually surprised people took to this RP thread so well. It'd probably be best to wait until we actually have a few NPCs we can involve or some town names or names of important people or concepts or creatures in the Sui Generis...
  2. BigT2themax

    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    Huh, I was wondering how long it would take for a roleplay thread to show up in this forum. Feel free to assume there's a random astronaut with weaponry sittin' in the corner.
  3. BigT2themax

    Dance Animations

    That sounds painful, man. Hope you get better soon, Elric. :( How did it happen, anyway? Did you get hit by accident while you didn't have armour on, or something?
  4. BigT2themax

    Astronaut avatars?!

    BEHOLD! MY MASTERPIECE IS COMPLETE! Again, thanks to leo and empire squared for the base pictures. You guys are the best. :)
  5. BigT2themax

    Dance Animations

    This is how I imagine Elric spends his evenings when he's in the city.
  6. BigT2themax

    Status Update

    So, seeing as how another month has passed, can we get another quick status update? I'm just wondering/hoping everything's going at least fairly smoothly, and I'm wanting to know if you guys are doing okay, and if any features are giving you difficulty. Also, is there any news on the video, or...
  7. BigT2themax

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Hooray! I'll get working on an avatar and join the team once I get home. You're super awesome Leo, I really appreciate it! And I'm sure other folks who want to make an astronaut avatar will like the bases here. :)
  8. BigT2themax

    Procedural Generation

    It's not going to be a procedurally generated world. It'll be the same world each playthrough, with some minor changes in the layout of the underworld and the location of weapons and other items. However, the quests and storyline are slated to be dynamic, in that what you do can change what...
  9. BigT2themax

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Oh, yours is awesome, man. I'm sorry about that. :confused: I'm sure other people would want to use it! It's just I need the hands to be in the right place! I'm sorry! :( Yeah, the white one you've been using to make most of the of the avatars, and the one in your profile pic. Sorry to be a...
  10. BigT2themax

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Actually, I'm fond of the white suit you've been making avatars for people with. It's the positioning of the hands, see, it's pretty much perfect for what I had in mind. Do you have the base for that, without the helmet? The hands are fine. Also, I must say, upon looking at the new...
  11. BigT2themax

    Astronaut avatars?!

    I see you've replaced me with a different bearstronaut... That's... that's fine... No, really, I'm fine... it's not like my feelings are hurt, or anything... ... :( *quietly sobs in the corner* *ahem* Anyways, anyone have a template picture of an empty space suit we could mess around...
  12. BigT2themax


    Edit: skip to 12 seconds in.
  13. BigT2themax

    Get Hype Giveaway - Win insider forum access (or more!)

    If no one else joins in, this is going to be less of a lottery giveaway, and more of a "well, I guess Marc and Zantite get alpha tier access now" situation. Even if you use's sequence generator. :p I'd add a beta access tier to the prize pool, but I don't have money to throw around. :(
  14. BigT2themax

    A Quick Update

    Would it be bad if I said I'm actually just wanting to play the game and have fun rather than focus on testing? eep >.> Of course, I'll report bugs and whatnot if I find one that I can replicate. I'm not just here for testing purposes though... <_<
  15. BigT2themax

    Hello a few questions about Sui Generis

    Well, disregard what I said, then, I AM indeed a complete numpty. ¯(°_o)/¯
  16. BigT2themax

    Hello a few questions about Sui Generis

    I realise this suggestion probably counts as DRM, but, to get around the 'boxed copy will just be a snapshot without updates' problem... Perhaps have each boxed copy have both a disc and some sort of unique code or something that one could input into a website or launcher or whatever to allow a...
  17. BigT2themax

    What Mod Would You Make?

    This thread is essentially "what are your wildest hopes and dreams for a game that involved this engine?". :p Nothing wrong with that, however. Anyways, seeing as how the devs have stated that the underworld and whatnot are all going to be handcrafted and the layout won't change or anything...
  18. BigT2themax

    A Quick Update

    Oh, man, torches sound pretty awesome for atmosphere and whatnot. Will hitting enemies with the torch enough times will light them on fire and cause painful fiery death? Also, since this first alpha release will be a little combat test we can play around with, I was wondering, where exactly is...
  19. BigT2themax

    On Schedule...

    Yeah, seems like it'd be a good idea to make this subforum have a rule where only the Bare Mettle team can start a new topic. I also thought this was an announcement from the dev team regarding the prelude alpha, so yeah, it might get confusing if everyone posts here.
  20. BigT2themax


    Ahh, okay. Thanks, man. Also, just so you know, I think you meant to say 'annals of history'. 'Anals of history' sounds like a porno based on time-travel escapades. :rolleyes:


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