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    Computer reboots on Exanima launch

    Hi, I have a very strange problem. My computer gets rebooted each time I try to launch the game. It's as quick as if you press the reset button on the case. I've been experiencing this with every version I've tried since the new arena mode was added. I believe the last version I was able to...
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    [BUG] Games don't save upon exit

    I somehow managed to miss it :) Downloading now, I believe it will fix the issue. Thank you!
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    [BUG] Games don't save upon exit

    I can confirm this behavior. No change after uninstall / reinstall of the game and applying only the hotfix. I tried even deleting my characters and starting a new game, but after quitting and starting Exanima again "continue" button is not available. Anyone else?
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    Stuck in doors

    I totally feel you, man. Couldn't test quitting and reloading; only managed to capture it :) I was trying to get to the zombie, but only my body got through ;) version
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    Loot thread.......

    The lamellar armour looks just like that (red) on my laptop, too. On my desktop PC it looks like shiny metal, and I guess that's what's intended. So I suppose that the red tint is video hardware or driver issue...
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    That's what I call a coincidence :)
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    Exanima 0.5.1 Released

    Downloading now... ---------------------------------- EDIT: No problems after the update. Great! :D Thanks!
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    Exanima 0.5.1 Released

    After the update to 0.5.1, on my laptop (HP ProBook 650) I get error "Sector management / Error appending node: £HULA01" or HULA02 up to HULA05 (depending on one of the first few hair models I select in the character creation screen), followed by "Scene manager / Validation error" and I cannot...
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    Exanima Released

    Congratulations BM! Congratulations to all the backers and fans, too! Time to play now...
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    Dark Souls II Info, spoiler free.

    Hi, guys! I'm glad to see that so many of you here like the Dark Souls series and I decided to share some experience, too. For all of you playing DS2 on PC the GeDoSaTo tool is a must-have. It makes the game much more beautiful and it has lots of options for customisation. The developer has...
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    Combat Demo Beta Release

    Yes, I believe so.
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    Combat Demo Beta Release

    Check THIS thread. You can try the 'forgot password' option or contact BM to resolve your issue. They resolved mine :)
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    Backer Accounts and Tier Upgrades

    Still no change here :( It's all good now, thank you all at BM! :)
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    Backer Accounts and Tier Upgrades

    Yeah, me too. Sent an email at the end of last month, hope you guys got it :)


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