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    Thanks for the help guys, very interesting reads. The game is way more detailed then I expected. But there`s not much about dialogues.
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    Hi! I just saw the update on the combat mechanics, and it looks absolutely AMAZING!! Well done. I was wondering if there will be a leveling system or not. And if there will be, is it possible to make your character looks less balanced while fighting at lower levels and as you gain experience...
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    Can`t access insider forum

    Hey dear Baremettle guys! I pledged through paypal during the KS campaign, and my email address was different then what i used for registering here. So if I log in here I don`t see the insider forums. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks in advance! Best regards Barnabas
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    WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO congrats guys!!!!!!! all hail to crowdfunding :D
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    Kickstarter project launch

    Alllrighty, ty, I pledged already!!! I just don`t know how my pledge will be associated with my account here cause I use different email for paypal and for any forum I join. I got a mail from paypal that I pledged but no mail from you guys. I guess It`ll be sorted out later. I see your...
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    Kickstarter project launch

    HI, great looking game! I hope you`ll get the amount you need on kickstarter, but i see that the start is not that great so far what i don`t understand. However I`d like to pledge but I don`t have a credit card, I can`t pledge through kickstarter. I could pledge through paypal, I`ve seen that as...


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