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    Christmas: What gifts have you bought so far?

    My younger brother will be getting my old iMac I don't use anymore. For my parents I have no idea at all what to buy, I will probably end up buying a whisky for my dad and something my mom wishes for (haven't asked her yet though). I suck at giving presents in general, so these are the only...
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    Introduction Thread

    I'm 21 and like a few others here, I live in the cold north (Sweden) and currently studying 3D-graphics in Stockholm (more aimed toward films/movies/commercials, rather than games); where we mainly use Maya and V-ray. I didn't know Sui Generis or Bare Mettle even existed until about ~10 hours...
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    I have never played UO, but I don't think this game would work that well in an MMORPG-setting - with NPCs that stay dead when killed and stuff like that. But it would definitely be great to have a diablo-like online system, where you "host" your own world and play together with 4-8 of your...
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    Hello a few questions about Sui Generis

    To my understanding of #1 is that it will only be available as a Digital download, except from the Collectors Edition which of course is physical. I don't know about how it'll be later on, but the digital copies you get from the kickstarter/paypal-rewards are DRM-free. About #2 I don't think...
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    How much money has been raised through Paypal?

    Does it matter? It's still a bunchload of money, and I think the people behind the curtains here already have taken that into account. They got 10k more than the goal as well, so I guess there is nothing to worry about.
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    Collector's edition

    Yeah what the heck, I went for it as well. I haven't been this excited for a game in years, even though I only heard about Sui Generis for the first time literally a couple of hours ago. Huzzah!
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    Collector's edition

    Also, on that note, what if I've moved between now and release? Will the Collectors be shipped to the address I supply now, or will I have the ability to change it later? I am also having an inner struggle with myself whether to go for the CE or not. If I don't I will probably regret it later...
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    Alpha & Beta?

    Ah cool, can't wait :) Cheers!
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    Alpha & Beta?

    How about the access to the Insider Forum?


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