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  1. XxBoDxX

    So there's no thaumaturges on the Arena...

    Thats a start right? You got the title part down ;)
  2. XxBoDxX

    So on the subject of voice acting...

    Yeah I would rather it be this way too. I think having games fully voiced take away from the experience of not done right.
  3. XxBoDxX

    So on the subject of voice acting...

    oooh oooh ooh! If you want someone to help with voices in down. havent had much experience with this though. Would be cool to put on a resume hahaha!
  4. XxBoDxX

    So how does the AI pull off all those sweet moves?

    Ive found that combat in Exanima is complicated, and the longer you play the better you can feel the limitations of your character. Just like with anything in real life you start to get a sense of how things need to be to accomplish certain things. For instance, if you were training with a...
  5. XxBoDxX

    I can't believe this worked.

    Yeah the funny part about this is peeps on steam are still confused about all this ;P
  6. XxBoDxX


    I don't think there is anything wrong with being able to specialize and become a very powerful thaumaturge. It would be silly to add something like magic and limit it so vastly. If you want to work for it you should be able to become a tank with a built-in flamethrower. I mean, if you want the...
  7. XxBoDxX


    I'm sure that there will be a trade off. No way are they going to let you be really good at thaumaturgy in a lot of armor. Little armor needs lots of skill to survive in combat. And it will be done good, and in their own way.They wouldn't add it in otherwise.
  8. XxBoDxX

    Personal message from Santa himself to ya all!

    Is is just me or does everyone say turtleman the same way those old Trojan man commercials used to?
  9. XxBoDxX

    Personal message from Santa himself to ya all!

    Dude this sounds like some effed up zealot who worships sir lol. Or maybe a nosleep post?
  10. XxBoDxX

    I'm giving up on the game

    I haven't played dragons nest but I looked it up after I read your OP. How can you compare dragons nest to Exanima? The genre is completely different. There is literally nothing that even comes close to uniting the two games except that you have played them both. Everyone so far has done a great...
  11. XxBoDxX

    Streaming.. using Steam Controller

    Dang I've been thinking about getting one. Sounds too good to be true though. How is it?
  12. XxBoDxX

    The Person Above Me - Forum Game

    Someone who posted a creepy Russian cartoon. What the eff man? Why are Russian cartoons so.... Creepy?
  13. XxBoDxX

    A few suggestions after hours of gameplay

    I think he was saying that because the "fuel" that allows a torch to burn will run out in real life. And in the game it never runs out.
  14. XxBoDxX

    Weapon sheath on the character?

    This is for a game were talking about here. You know that right? Whats the point of playing a low fantasy game if everything is going to be so realistic you cant have fun? Ill stick to real life if games become so realistic they get boring. I appreciate your passion though. Its amazing man. Do...
  15. XxBoDxX

    What kind of stealth system would you like to see?

    Im sorry guys, I wasnt saying to give our characters in SG the same sneak attack bonuses that you get in TES games. I was simply saying I like how you are still visible when youre sneaking around and not part way invis or all the way invis. I like the idea of no bonuses except the element of...
  16. XxBoDxX


    Where's the post about what they are actually working on? Like content wise?
  17. XxBoDxX

    What kind of stealth system would you like to see?

    Lol yeah there's that.. I was talking more along the lines of your characters visibility while sneaking and also the eye on the hud that tells you if hidden or close to being spotted. There's also the whole taking potshots from stealth and they just continue after awhile like they don't have 20...
  18. XxBoDxX

    Weapon sheath on the character?

    Exactly! People for some reason want to apply this worlds historical setting to a low fantasy video game. Pretty sure it's in a different dimension. Who says they didn't invent those types of scabbards?
  19. XxBoDxX

    What kind of stealth system would you like to see?

    I definitely think peeking around corners and hiding in bushes is the best way to do it. Some way to peek into rooms and around corners without 100% exposing yourself is most realistic. I also like the idea of hugging walls. I really hate that invisibility mode stealth type of stuff, it always...
  20. XxBoDxX

    Weapon sheath on the character?

    Ah but this is why they use special scabbard for holding weapons on your back. If one of the sides were cut off the scabbard you could just slip it out without having to draw the full length of the weapon. Fast and easy without too much hassle. EDIT: found an image close to what I was talking...


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