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    Character Animations

    That's great to hear. That was the only aspect of the engine I found a little underwhelming, so as long as you're making a point to address that and refine it, I'm sure you'll end up with something great.
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    Yes, I also believe in the importance of high quality writing, and dedicated writers have much more expertise in this area. It's not just how interesting the story is, it's the tone of writing itself, the ability to embody different characters within the story to give them more personality, and...
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    Considering the small size of the team, don't you think it's necessary to add a dedicated writer? If the writing is split between a team where ever member is the only person working on a given area of the game, it seems like either their dedicated area or the writing will suffer as a result, the...
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    Character Animations

    Watching the tech demo for this game, I was very excited. From an engine standpoint, there is a lot of interesting technology to get excited about. I'm also excited about the prospect of physics-based combat, and the variability it can provide. However, one thing that does throw me off and...
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    Non-Combat Gameplay

    So far, combat has been the primary focus of the Kickstarter updates. Today's update included a list of the skills that would be in the game, and it seems that they pertain very heavily to combat. Will there be non-combat skills? What should we expect from the non-combat aspects of the game...


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