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  1. moshee

    Streamin on Beam

    To add the game, right click on the "Sources:" list and choose Add > Game Capture If you have the game open it should lock onto it right away and you can just press OK on the window The streaming site should give further instructions on setting up the server URL/key and stuff.
  2. moshee

    Backers w/o Beta access--Watch/participate in a gameplay stream?

    Try Beam. Relatively new streaming platform that doesn't require streams to be just games, so they may be more open about things. They have a super fast stream delay (around 4 seconds or less typically) so it'd be better for interactive stuff. I haven't tried using it to stream yet but I may try...
  3. moshee


    Oh god, my available downloads list just changed. ... It went from saying "you have nothing" to saying nothing at all... Edit: aaaaand it's there now. Well, it's a great time to be stuck at school for 3 more hours. At least I have something to look forward to.
  4. moshee


    I noticed a lot of people missing from class today. I doubt this is a coincidence.
  5. moshee


    I'm hoping they opt for (optional?) BitTorrent to mitigate this. Not sure how they could prevent people from just spreading the torrent file without a private tracker, but realistically, it'll probably find its way onto torrent sites anyways whatever they try.


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