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    Running improvements and combat controls

    Youtubers read the video description!????
  2. AW8

    Running improvements and combat controls

    True dat! Many games seems to do the opposite, that's why we get stuff like the amazing-looking but barely functional map in Skyrim. Also, it's great to see feedback being incorporated into the game so quickly! Lastly, will there ever be footprints in Sui Generis? Truth be told, the absence of...
  3. AW8

    New Public Video

    In a little hurry so I'll be brief! It looked absolutely great! :D The music was wonderful, especially in the end. I loved how you could decorate the player home(?) so seamless! I loved the teleportation spell!!! I love when magic is more than simple fireballs, and it's a great for stealth...
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    Stats and combat AI

    This is exactly the right way to go with your design. :)
  5. AW8

    New Environment Artist

    Congratulations on joining the dev team, Leonid! Great!
  6. AW8

    An Update

    Thank you for the update! Looking forward to the video. :)
  7. AW8

    Development Update #2

    Great update! Your enthusiasm for the dynamic storytelling is promising. It sounds so much more realistic than a simple fetch quest that waits patiently for the player, and where the only choice is whether you want a reward or karma points. I hope it turns out well and I can't wait to interact...
  8. AW8

    It's March 1st and we haven't had a real updates in months...

    I understand. I agree that it's better to wait until you have something good to show us instead of showing us uninteresting data or early work-in-progress systems that are subject to change completely. I really enjoyed the beach screenshots and the physique information in today's update, BTW...
  9. AW8

    Development update #1

    Great! Thank you! The beaches and water look beautiful, gave me Crysis vibes! Cool to see how the physique options ranges from starved to overweight, and untrained to bodybuilder! And dat flowing hair! I have nothing to complain about, it looks absolutely beautiful and promising. Keep up...
  10. AW8

    It's March 1st and we haven't had a real updates in months...

    I realize that with a team of 5 people we're not going to get weekly updates propped with information. But it's been almost 3 months. Is one update every quarter of a year too much to ask? :) I love reading forum posts from developers, don't get me wrong. It gives us a more direct, informal...
  11. AW8

    Piercing vs Skeleton and Skeleton in general

    Psst! Challenge Maps->Freeflow->Sewer Bat Try to keep your combo going while staying close to one of the railings. Then use the throw move, aim for the edge and try not to laugh as a screaming thug is thrown 20 meters down into the abyss. :D ...Wait what, "Enough Batman"?
  12. AW8

    Piercing vs Skeleton and Skeleton in general

    Oh yes, I love the Arkham games and have played them to death, I know exactly what you're talking about. :D It may look silly, but it does prevent you from breaking that precious no-kill policy of his. It's possible for enemies to be knocked over the edge in some rare cases though, and oh how...
  13. AW8

    Piercing vs Skeleton and Skeleton in general

    How to tell a bandit from a skeleton: Skeleton takes 1 more hit to kill, and looks like a skeleton instead of a bandit LOL!!! This is a great question. When you face something as weird as a living skeleton, some of the magic is certainly lost if it's nothing more than a recolored bandit...


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