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  1. guywiththemorningstar

    Praise for EXANIMA

    I want to share a song I've been working on for nearly a year and stiill unfinished(v0.6.3.7 mainly due to my lack of engineering skills and crappy voice) that I have to dedicate to the sorcerers at Bare Mettle. Words cannot express my appreciation for what Bare Mettle is trying to accomplish by...
  2. guywiththemorningstar

    Cheater-y A.I. ?

    Thanks for bringing that to light, guys. I've noticed my own play style becoming very stale and redundant. Are there any videos of these techniques or would anyone like to make one showcasing these techniques? Also, this doesn't exlain why they are able LtR endlessly.
  3. guywiththemorningstar

    Cheater-y A.I. ?

    I'm not sure if this is an A.I. bug or actually just something I haven't learned to do, but the computer opponents seem to have some very interesting tricks up their sleeves. For one, I've seen on two occasions so far where my opponent has swung LtR up to 6 times consecutively. One opponent was...
  4. guywiththemorningstar

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    Its been a while! I haven't played since 5.3 and I must say things are lookin...nice. I can't believe its been a year since I found this magnificent band of warriors.Thanks for the hard work and a beautiful game so far!
  5. guywiththemorningstar

    For those of you on the fence

    Sorry for the double post
  6. guywiththemorningstar

    For those of you on the fence

    So true Aethan. But in a weird way, I feel as though I more supporting the passion of the artists to make something revolutionary than the success of the game..although I am supporting both!! Its just, suddenly after playing the recent Exanima update and seeing the intricacies the devs and...


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