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  1. TheScythian

    Your most expecting upcoming games from 2014 & 2015

    The Legend of Zelda (Wii U) The Last Guardian The Division Mirror's Edge 2 Sui Generis
  2. TheScythian

    Dark Souls II announced; PC version confirmed

    Not sure actually, by chance I happened to play it during the network test hours anyway. I'll try it offline tomorrow and see.
  3. TheScythian

    Dark Souls II announced; PC version confirmed

    I received an email a couple of days ago saying I had been chosen for the Beta, in the email was a link to Sony's Beta site where I was given a code to redeem on PSN. I'm in the UK btw, hope this helps!
  4. TheScythian

    How do you prove you pledged and gain access to the Insider forums?

    We're all dancing, eating cake and playing with puppies.
  5. TheScythian

    Kickstarter update #4: Sui Generic?

    You're in luck Serge, Tony's just explained how to do this in another thread
  6. TheScythian

    How do you prove you pledged and gain access to the Insider forums?

    Did you register for the forums with the same email address you used to pledge? If not you'll need to send the dev's a message with your forum email address (from the address you used to pledge). Hope that makes sense, and welcome!
  7. TheScythian

    How do you prove you pledged and gain access to the Insider forums?

    No problem, thanks for fixing it so quickly :).
  8. TheScythian

    How do you prove you pledged and gain access to the Insider forums?

    Could be, although it still says (Private) in the 'Latest' box on the forum list so I don't think we even have read access. Perhaps one of the devs could start a thread in the insider forum (if they haven't already) so we can tell.
  9. TheScythian

    How do you prove you pledged and gain access to the Insider forums?

    I just tried logging out and in, it still says I have insufficient privileges to post. Also there are no threads (which may or may not be normal I can't tell).
  10. TheScythian

    Battles against unnatural creatures should be rare and terrifying, not the norm!

    I know Madoc said they're not planning to have other 'intelligent' races (at least not playable) but I really like that idea, kind of reminds me of the gorons from Zelda :).
  11. TheScythian

    Insider Forum! where is it!?

    Anyone have any idea how insider forums work? Will it essentially be a more exclusive version of what we have here? If so it might be an idea for the Hedge Knight or someone else to get a thread set up summarising what we know so far for the new crowd, otherwise I can see a flood of posts coming...
  12. TheScythian

    Insider Forum! where is it!?

    Yeah, I'm having the same problem...Also, suddenly over 100 members online! The family is about to get alot bigger :)
  13. TheScythian

    Sacked Settlements

    I think the physical destruction of large things like buildings would be a major headache for the devs and probably unrealistic to implement within the constraints of time and resources. For each building they'd need to make a destroyed version (or versions) and unless they reused each building...
  14. TheScythian

    Inventory handling

    I don't think that's true at all, at least not for Sui Generis. Adventure will be for adventure's sake, rather than just a means of filling your pockets with an unusable amount of gold. I think the key advantage of a finite inventory system is that it makes every item you find inherently more...
  15. TheScythian

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    On the flipside I hope there's an option to take an honourable approach and spare enemies (at least humans) who you have bested in combat. For instance you fight a knight who has been sent to kill you and after a lengthy duel you injure him gravely, knocking him to the ground. Instead of...
  16. TheScythian

    Insider Forum! where is it!?

    BM posted this on the kickstarter page yesterday: "...we're still sorting and organising all the backer data we got from Kickstarter." and this 6 days ago: "Getting the insider forum up and running is our top priority now and we hope to have it ready early next week" I don't think it...
  17. TheScythian

    Alpha & Beta?

    It's from Sword & Sworcery: EP Really beautiful game, incredible soundtrack. Although its not to everyone's taste, it's more of an 'experience' than a game as pretentious as that sounds :p. Btw I adore your slothstranaut, absolutely genius!
  18. TheScythian

    Alpha & Beta?

    Don't worry I think that's what most of us did, BM are going to be sending us an email sometime soon(ish) and then we'll be able to link the pledge to our accounts and get insider access. At least I think that's the plan.
  19. TheScythian

    Message in "Plot"?

    I don't think there's going to be a wait mechanism, the idea is for everything to happen real-time as much as possible (although I might be wrong).
  20. TheScythian

    Romances in the latest Bioware titles.

    I agree it would be interesting for people to react somewhat differently to female characters but I don't think it should be a major deal, otherwise it could get really old, really fast. And after all I don't think Sui Generis has a historical setting, its aesthetics are just inspired by...


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