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    Unknown Sword

    I started playing Exanima shortly after reading these books, and I also noticed similarities in the subtleties of storytelling. I don't know if they were a direct inspiration for Madoc and the team, but certainly that sword is Terminus Est.
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    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    Yeah don't use your main character in the arena for anything but pugilism matches (unless you like the extra risk). Make other characters and hire characters, then manage those ones. If they die, you only lose the character, not your main character or any others. In story mode, make sure you...
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    I don't understand the problem. Just don't fight with your main character and he won't die...
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    Two handed sword without point.

    It's an easter egg: The balance shifts because there's fluid in the blade.
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    Sad update...

    It's kind of funny, when there was permanent death some people thought the game was too hardcore and wanted easier combat. Now it's the opposite, not hardcore enough! I think the unconsciousness mechanic is a good idea. Combat is no easier, but the game doesn't totally end unless you cop full...
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    Thrusting in general seems a bit weak in terms of damage. When I fight greatsword opponents I have a much easier time against them nowadays because they tend to thrust a lot, and it doesn't seem to do much damage to me. Before thrusting they used to be among the toughest enemies for me. I think...
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    Proposition of improvement in the implementation of hired characters

    Yeah I'd like to be able to hire higher-ranked mercenaries (for a higher price) so I can play doubles and skirmishes at a higher level without needing to rank them up first.
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    Just enable the beta branch on Steam (go to Exanima properties, beta, opt-in).
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    nothing equipped when joining Arena

    You have to equip your gear for the Aspirant rank. It doesn't "carry over" from Inept. On the management screen, there's a slider on the top-left of the screen where you can switch from Inept to Aspirant (and others). Move this slider to Aspirant, and then equip your gear again. No, you can...
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    Any else finding that the store doesn't seem to sell on-level items enough? When I was at Aspirant level I saw a ton of leather greaves (Novice level) for sale, but ever since I got a character to Novice I've seen no leather greaves at all so I can't buy any. Not sure if I've been really unlucky.
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    Each rank (Inept, Aspirant, Novice, etc) is treated separately. On the manage screen you select your gear for different rank levels by moving the slider at the top left. You have to make sure you have equipped the gear you want for each level. E.g. if you have gear equipped for Inept level, but...
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    Love this update. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned the new (I think?) music, but it's brilliant. A suggestion for something to add to the arena mode: I would like to see tracking of wins/losses for each character on the management board. You could get really attached to a fighter who's...
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    What's Next?

    This is incredible. Can't wait.
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    Can we have info about the develop progress?

    Yeah it's not a tech demo, it's a game on its own. Tech demos don't have story and map additions and aesthetic improvements. Even the first arena combat demo was a gameplay demo, not just a tech demo.
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    I'm giving up on the game

    You think Dark Souls involves trial and error? I don't think you know what that term means. Dark Souls isn't trial and error. Exanima isn't random. This isn't a matter of opinion, you're just wrong about these things. If the game's not doing it for you, that's fine. It won't appeal to...
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    Exanima story

    There's a reference in a couple of scrolls to a 'hero' who went through the area and left destruction in his wake. The author of the scroll doesn't know who it is. Anyone know who that refers to? I don't know if it's a crazy idea, but I'm wondering if it refers to the player character and we...
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    Can we have ignored/abandoned threads from insider forums thrown here for us plebs to finish?

    The devs need plenty of feedback on the updates that get sent to everyone. The 'insider' updates seem to be mainly to ensure the game actually runs properly and nothing drastically bad happens. That would be bad for PR; you don't want to push out updates with major bugs in them. A few days after...
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    Whats next?

    It's been less than 3 weeks since the last update.
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    Dual wielding

    If it's a skill you can learn, just don't learn the skill then. It's up to you, no one is forcing you to dual wield. The argument that "it didn't happen on real battlefields" is spurious. We are not playing a soldier in this game, and we are not on a battlefield.
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    The blocking system is broken?

    I'm a bit late here, but in response to the OP video, take a look at where your cursor is when you say your block 'failed'. Often your cursor is nowhere near the head of your opponent's weapon. You have to follow your enemy's weapon closely if you want to block it. That said, Madoc has said...


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