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  1. Saetheer

    This game is a design mess

    40 h game time, still stuck trying to find the key. Oh boy, he sure is up for a challenge later, if he manages to progress.
  2. Saetheer

    Golem Boss. Suggest your name.

    Abraham Golem
  3. Saetheer

    So how is Sui Generis coming along?

    Short version as I know it: They're developing 14 levels for Exanima. All content in Exanima is copied more or less over to Sui Generis when they are done. So by developing Exanima, they are actually developing Sui Generis.
  4. Saetheer

    Please, i need fresh air

    Exanima should absolutely have outdoor at some point. They need to test the performance and bug testing for outdoor sooner or later. And it would make sense if Exanima took outdoor for a testrun, not Sui Generis. This is a underrated suggestion. I'm a customization-idiot and would love this. I...
  5. Saetheer

    Competitive PvP Multiplayer

    Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Saetheer

    Competitive PvP Multiplayer

    Don't believe PvP have been mentioned? Combat is based on intensive and real physics with speed, momentum, weight etc. If all these calculations and animations are to be stream over internet, with many people, lag is doomed to happen. I do believe LAN is the only said feature of Multiplayer...
  7. Saetheer

    I can't be the only one...

    Good to hear. Exanima is not a kill'em all game. Since death is so punishing as it is, avoiding combat may sometimes be the best.
  8. Saetheer

    A new system of interaction with physical objects

    I somewhat agree with you. Its not 100%. However, there are other aspects of the game that should be prioritized. This you speak of shouldn't be looked at until Sui Generis development starts, in my opinion.
  9. Saetheer

    pure frustration

    I find it amusing that some people think the game is a crossing between Diablo and Call of Duty with added physics. Instant action, hack and slash all day. When it comes to it, player who take the 5-10 seconds to read the scrolls found, will learn what they need to learn. Also, patients. plus...
  10. Saetheer

    Oddities in levelling skills

    From a design point of view I view this as excellent. The way Madoc describes it, it sounds to me there will not be much grinding of XP. Also there will be a global skill cap (last I heard about it, though) which limits the total of active skills, with this global XP, you can easily forget and...
  11. Saetheer

    IRC chat Created this in good faith.
  12. Saetheer

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    rekt the golems, since they had spawned extra guard duty (5). Spoiler alert of new enemy, and gear
  13. Saetheer

    Exanima 0.6.3 (public beta)

    Thanks for clearing that. Thought I would share my crudely drawn map. Its currently crappy quality Map legend Crudely drawn map of level 5
  14. Saetheer

    Exanima 0.6.3 (public beta)

    anyone found tripple ribbons token? If so, can you explain where?
  15. Saetheer


    Right-click on Exanima in library. Beta, then select beta - Public test branch
  16. Saetheer

    Exanima 0.6.3 (public beta)

    Look at the floor. You'll see a emblem. To pass freely, you'll have to located the correct token, found throughout the dungeon (they have the same emblem/symbol on them). Just keep token in your backpack, and they will allow you to pass without bothering you. edit: never mind. I now see that...
  17. Saetheer

    Exanima 0.6.3 (public beta)

    Is it just me or is the new level harder to navigate? I'm lost all the time.
  18. Saetheer

    Exanima 0.6.3 (public beta)

    I did the same as you. Didnt matter. Still found the gate, described by Tony
  19. Saetheer

    Exanima 0.6.3 (public beta)

    @Madoc When will it hit steam? Yup. If you have an efficient way of dealing with it, please do tell :)


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