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  1. Tony Dye

    Random Events

    For low population societies without firearms, there's no reason to think that killing an apex predator would negatively impact the environment! I don't think we're going to try and do an environmental impact simulation though. It doesn't sound terribly interesting in terms of game mechanics...
  2. Tony Dye

    Random Events

    My idea for normal animal spawns is that they have a "range" where they live, and they move through the range doing their animal business. If the area can't support their survival or becomes too dangerous, they move on to a new range. In theory, you should be able to hang around an area and run...
  3. Tony Dye

    IRC chat

    I think I'll drop by right about now.
  4. Tony Dye

    Character options

    Bards are like the clarinet players of the fantasy world. There's maybe one or two cool ones, and all the rest are tolerated like an 8th grade marching band at halftime.
  5. Tony Dye

    Message in "Plot"?

    The decision not to include children was made before I joined the Team, but I agree with it for their reasons as well as for my own. I don't like to write those sorts of quests, the same tone and dramatic feel can be done successfully in other ways without all the extra baggage, and removing...
  6. Tony Dye

    Anyone Playing Chivalry: medieval Warfare here ?

    It's on my Christmas list...
  7. Tony Dye

    Character options

    When I think about bards, I think about how in Assassin's Creed you get less notoriety for murdering a bard on the street than you do for punching him in the face. This is because the townsfolk in Assassin's Creed prefer them dead.
  8. Tony Dye

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I'm pretty sure this game already exists... Yep!
  9. Tony Dye

    Compatibility Issues

    We're aware of it. Thanks!
  10. Tony Dye

    What is 'low fantasy' exactly?

    Different terms for a different concept. We're not using "magic" because we don't want to evoke the same ideas or contend with the same baggage. Using a less common term allows us to present an idea without players bringing preconceived notions to the table. We can stretch out and define the...
  11. Tony Dye

    Kickstarter update #4: Sui Generic?

    Yes - have a look at the paypal donation options!
  12. Tony Dye

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    The problem with idea is that it isn't granular enough. We want to get all the way down to the individual level in as many cases as possible, in terms of how your actions change the impression NPCs have of you. Coupled with the concept that NPCs have their own goals, it'll be a rare action...
  13. Tony Dye

    Website loginBar

    I'm using the same workaround as you are... I'll make sure it gets mentioned, though I dunno when it'll get fixed. :-)
  14. Tony Dye

    Website loginBar

    Placeholder here, when we get to looking at this: the login bar is borked for iOS - doesn't work on my iPad.
  15. Tony Dye

    Message in "Plot"?

    One reason houses in games remain empty after you loot them is that players will just grind houses for loot and end up unbalancing the game. Addressing that would be an important part of respawning contents in lootable housing, if we decided to to it.
  16. Tony Dye

    Creature Suggestions

    Not an RPG, but the bears in Red Dead Redemption were absolutely menacing.
  17. Tony Dye

    Can I still donate through Paypal and receive a reward?

    At least some of them will be, yes. Expect the boxed collecter's edition to go away fairly soon, and the T-Shirt offers to come available.
  18. Tony Dye


    I haven't really thought that far yet, to be honest. We're still laying the groundwork for how interaction works, so the possibilities of that interaction haven't been really defined. I can tell you that Sui Generis will not be a medieval dating sim, but that's really as far as I've gone in the...
  19. Tony Dye

    IRC chat

    Ahh IRC. That brings me back! I may drop in there from time to time...
  20. Tony Dye

    Message in "Plot"?

    The best tales are, just as this comment, open to interpretation.


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