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    Extra Arena Features

    More hireable people types: Blacksmith - Takes Equipment with poor/neutral qualities (rusted, worn, etc) and can be paid small amounts of money to turn it into a normal variant of equipment. Dyer/Tailor - Can be given equipment to recolor it to match a specific style. Medic - Has a chance of...
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    Current patch feedback

    I feel like the ghouls show a nice degree of enemy variety challenges at this point. The previous area was loaded with extremely long-ranged, high-armor golems that were tough. Now it's inverted into extremely close-ranged, low-armor demons that are tough. Perhaps the most reliable way to force...
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    [Bug?] Thaumaturgy and Skill knowledge dependencies

    Wanted to double check something: right now [v0.8.0.1] it's possible to learn Thaumaturgies that require specific insight or concentration skills, but then un-learn the skill that allowed you to learn the thaumaturgy. Is that intended? On one hand this means that skills can be learned and...
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    About how "stats" are visualized

    My gut instinct was to at first disagree, but really the point about the current setup heavily reinforcing min-maxing is completely true - most so on armor in fact. I emphasize this since moreso than weapons, armor clearly follows a qualitative growth of stats as you progress, meaning there's...
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    Can you make a patch that adleast kills you when ya fall though the floor? PLZ...!

    I'm glad it doesn't kill you, since at least that doesn't mean you are guaranteed to lose progress if you get physics-stuck. If I'm understanding what you're saying correctly, this is grievances with getting stuck lying down in environmental objects like this?: Because the bench isn't a...
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    What weapons would you like to see in the game?

    Claws/Katars. Classes of weapons that can reuse the unarmed combat animations, and also help for builds that want to fight at extremely close range. Parrying dagger for the offhand? One-handed Hasta Spear Farming Scythe Crystal-powered weapon that can clip/phase through targets with a beam...
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    Ambient SFX and Music

    The soundtrack to this game is fitting, but at times too tense and also repetitive when exploring one area in depth. It was in the Sewer area I decided to turn off music, but then this just called to attention how quiet the environments are without the soundtrack playing. Basically would...
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    Skill Tree: Evasion

    (Concept: a set of skills to encourage build variety beyond heavy-armor. Drawback is that it probably would require a lot of dev effort to figure out the animations/physics/balancing behind these implementations). A skill tree that has choices that allow for maneuverability in combat. Many of...


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