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  1. Sphincter Ghoul

    Dungeon synth, Black Metal, music to game to

    El Nigromante Khand Havohej Summoning Eikona Lonegoat of Goatcraft I like to play these with a good headphone and low, to whispering tones, a percussive rumble, and throaty rattle. There are others that I can not relocate at the moment but offer suggestions and see if these hit that...
  2. Sphincter Ghoul

    Burnt offering

    I'm not expecting any huge spoilers, but I'll be coercing the simple peasant man into one of those sacrifice cages. Don't hold your breath for what results I'll be able to get back with y'all on. Although, I've only unlocked the second starting path, the one that brought the peasant guy into the...
  3. Sphincter Ghoul

    Legend of Zelda feature suggestion? You betcha, bear with me.

    The one feature that would fascinate me to no end, and I am sure many others would find it enchanting, is to be able to enter a static first-person view to look around oneself, just as in the adventure game Legend of Zelda. I wouldn't mind that the ceilings are void for the duration of the...


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