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  1. Peasant135

    Exanima\Sui Genris memes thread.

    Let me get the ball rolling: On second thought, lets not do this.
  2. Peasant135

    Layers issue.

    The issue here is not the chain coif clipping but rather the order of layers displayed in the game. I think the coif is supposed to fall freely over the chest armor rather than being tucked in under the shoulder straps like it is now.
  3. Peasant135

    Vital Warrior Equipment thread.

    Lets play a game while we wait for SG to come out. You were traveling alone in the wilderness when you were ambushed by a dozen thugs and although you fought valiantly and killed few of them a lucky blow have sent you to respawn. When you came back you found yourself without your gear and set...
  4. Peasant135

    Video Tutorial: How to perform L2R attacks.

    Pls, sticky because this may be the best Exanima tutorial made up to date.
  5. Peasant135

    The physics of real weapons.

    Here I found something interesting to share: If any developers would like to comment whether the game is taking these factors into account.
  6. Peasant135

    Teh Lurd of Teh Reings.

  7. Peasant135

    Golem Boss. Suggest your name.

    So, how should we call it? I want YOU to make a name for him. Mine: How about Sentinel?
  8. Peasant135

    AI bug.

    I've recently started my first playthrough after the upgrade and one of the things I noticed is how the NPCs became very found of making ambushes,(yes real f*** ambushes, several times) waiting just outside the room you're in and then ganging up on you. The problem is that until you...
  9. Peasant135

    Bare Mettle site Media section broken URLs

    I cant seem to access the screenshots in the Media section of the site for quite some time now. Is it gonna be fixed?
  10. Peasant135

    Making of one piece Barbute helmet.

  11. Peasant135

    Gear quality dilemma.

    Immagine, what if this game had only regular quality armor. You just fill the slots with rank appropriate pieces and go to battle. Simple but not very interesting. Lets try expanding on this: lets add heavy and light sub-classes of items. Now you can choose the point of balance between...
  12. Peasant135

    90's Diablo thread.

    Ahh, Diablo I. Lets stay awhile and talk about first and, arguably the best, Diablo game and how it is similar and differrent to Exanima. Selected Cinematics:
  13. Peasant135

    Weapon's "weight" stat.

    Edit: It seems that I was mistaken. The developers themselves confirmed it: The post below is no longer relevant if not for historical purposes. If you see anybody having false info about weapon's weight and balance pls direct them to this thread. I did it. Now I know what this is all about...
  14. Peasant135

    Exanima-Pixels Attack

    I've been playing around with Exnaima.ini file trying to lower the graphical settings below the limit set by the in-game menu. And some imp vandering nearby wispered in my ear "Hmmm...I wonder what would happen if I lowered this setting to zero...and below!" The results are both horrifying and...
  15. Peasant135

    [BUG] Able to wear two pairs of greaves at once

    Exanima v0.6.4.5. A fresh game. Arriving at the location of I try to exchange the greaves that I'm wearing with those I found there. This is the result. I can take them both off and put both on as much as I want, the bug persists.
  16. Peasant135

    The glowing crystals mystery.

    I have found out what they really are:
  17. Peasant135

    "Let's Learn!" series: Exanima tutorials.

    Hi guys, there's this guy who makes Exanima tutorial videos on Youtube.I liked them a lot so I'll post them here. I embedded the videos in this thread, but if you found them helpful, let's go to his channel and this give him a thumbs up for his work!
  18. Peasant135

    Arena: Tiers and Points

    First things first: while I'm not new to Exanima story mode(finished the game over 10 times) I'm still making my way in the arena mode towards Master rank, so if I'm talking bullshit, please be gentle. :) My feelings about the way equipment balancing is handled: while the points system is...
  19. Peasant135

    Advanced Combat tutorials.

    1. Look at an example of video on his(her?) channel: 2. Sit with me with mouth hanging open. Edit: Here is another useful video tutorial:


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