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    The Coward and the Sir

    Escapism in its entire glory :D
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    The Coward and the Sir

    Like any sane person who does not want to die a meaningless death. Oh, so that what his name was. Let's hope next time I'll be more careful, so he will become confident enough to oppose any enemy we might encounter.
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    The Coward and the Sir

    Now, in all seriousness, I have a question: Is it intended that people as villagers are to run when encountering such creatures? Or it is my fault that he ran from a somewhat strong-looking monster, because I left him to stand in a room, so he wouldn't die, while I was clearing out levels and...
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    The Coward and the Sir

    This little tale starts with the new AI companion that I found on the very first level after patch 7.0.1. We all know this poor lad, the unfortunate villager, kidnapped by the bandits, and thrown into this dungeon ahead of us. He was pretty helpful on the 1st and 2nd floors, until he was on the...
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    Found an Item, REPORT THIS.

    Damn, I should not have made a half a month holiday from games, could have been the first to report it. :)
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    Update imminent!

    Hurray for the official update on the official forum! :D Thank you for sharing, kind Sir, and will be looking forward to the content!
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    Any news when the next update will drop?

    All right, copy+paste here as I found it on steamcommunity updates today, but didn't find it here (I didn't really search...) Hope devs and admins don't spank me too much. As you already understood it is from Bare Mettle on steam.
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    Dead or Undead?

    Well, I basically meant exactly this ^ Just didn't make an elaborate enough explanation, as at that time thought it would suffice. Thank you.
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    Any news when the next update will drop?

    Oh no... does it mean that we will have a chance to meet... Madam?...
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    Set Pieces/Landmarks

    Erm, that was an assumption... If I had such information, I would have made a different Topic with a name like: "INSIDER INFO!!! THIS and THAT will be in a SG game!" As nothing of the sort was written, please, feel free to think of that as my speculations and nothing more.
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    Golem Boss. Suggest your name.

    I think something along the lines of "Imperfect Siegebreaker Golem", but that is not related to anything :D "Imperfect" implying that you can kill it...
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    Exanima Lore Thread

    So, basically, more toilets?
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    Is it intended?

    Of course not... just in case
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    Exanima Map

    Oh well, I always approach ANY and all enemies with unsheathed weapons, so I didn't know that. You can always find something knew in places you not expect.
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    Exanima Map

    Yellow zones for roaming non-hostiles, and red zones for "attacking-on-sight" enemies.
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    Exanima Map

    The only thing to improve on is to mark the locations of enemies, and their type. :D
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    Outdoor Arena Beta Test Footage

    Yeah, as I thought, I wouldn't be able to guess which ones were "changed". Thank you for the answer!
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    Outdoor Arena Beta Test Footage

    Hmm, Sun and Shadows (the ones from the sun ;)) - things I really missed in dungeouns, now that I think about it... Although I don't really understand, which colours are off.
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    The great indoors. Now outside.

    I too think it should be done like transitioning between rooms in Exanima, with blackness filling everything except the room you are in. And then there are windows (and keyholes, crevices, gaps, cracks etc.). With them the most logical way is the cone of vision, so you won't be able to see what...


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