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    Question - Exanima

    played for 200-300 hrs don't feel bored frustrating at times but that is only when I am making bad combat decisions :D
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    :spoilers: crystal powers

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    Patch 6.3 Level Thread - SPOILERS

    i just hold w towards them and whack their legs with the mace.
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    Character Creation in Sui Generis

    faces at some point.
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    Knighthood Orders?

    i remember madoc saying something about joining a band of mercenaries or forming your own. cant remember where the quote is from though.
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    Knighthood Orders?

    just be happy with a bunch of zombie minions :D maybe you can dress them up as knights.
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    Just saw Zootopia...

    whats with the g.
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    Just saw Zootopia...

    because you are insinuating that he is immature.
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    Sui Generis news?

    bake me some sui pls.
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    Sad update...

    you are obviously not going to alter his opinion so why try.
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    Sad update...

    I mean everyone just give up lol.
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    Sad update...

    just give up pls.
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    I have to say that thrusting with a sledgehammer into a zombies face is the most satisfying thing i have ever done in a game :D after the update.
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    Awesome :D


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