A few suggestions after hours of gameplay


I will put these in a list format, it will be much easier on the eyes:
1. Map needed that reveals itself and saves as you go. This should toggle and pause play. I wasted a lot of time running around in order to memorize the landscape. I don't need many details, just would like an enlarge/shrink function to quickly survey where to go. (The compass in neat btw)
2. Separate storage bags. I like to keep things better organized within my inventory. For example all of the parchments would go inside a sack within a sack. I also might want a bag to keep weapons and one for armor.
3. Weight limit: It was kind of ridiculous at one point how much gear I had collected and stuffed in my inventory. This might be important for different classes if that will apply later.
4. food/drink/stamina: There should be a base value which drops acutely based on combat maneuvers and regenerates at a fixed rate to base. The base drops slowly to some minimum value the longer you go without food or drink. This should make things more interesting, perhaps forcing more parrying in combat to regenerate stamina and penalizing use of heavier weapons and armor. Finding (pickled/salted/beef jerky) food and drink to keep stamina maxed would add a new level of strategy to the game and make kitchens and taverns a reward to find.
5. More variety in gear and clothes for the ladies and guys who like to fight in style. Armor is armor, although it wouldn't hurt to put different insignia on the breastplates and shields. For the archers, thieves, and mages, there needs to be more options (both color and style) in leather and cloth. This adds a personal touch that gets players more invested in the game.
6. More rewards at the end of the long puzzle passage. It took me hours to figure out all of the puzzles and traps and then I got torched to death by the last obstacle and had to restart before figured out what "in sequence" meant. I guess I was just one of those dumb guards. Anyway, just 2 armor pieces after all of that? Weak.
7. NPCs. Adding a few of these would spice things up, just saying...
8. Backstory: How did I end up in the middle of this dungeon with just a torch anyway?
9. Torches: They don't obey the laws of physics like everything else (a fixed amount of mass does not give you unlimited energy or in other words hey have to burn out, and you will have to find some more.) Also would like to see alternative light sources and hopefully one I can wear and not have to carry at some point. (or a shining shield or insertable power jewel, for example, that sheds just enough light to fight by.)
10. A few gizmos: The game does well with switches and keys, but with the physics of this game there are lots of opportunities for other clever little puzzles that offer some hidden rewards that are not obvious at first glance. This keeps some players coming back to replay the game to find these little gems and makes it less painful if the game is going to be rouge-like (not saveable) since there will be more stuff to do on subsequent playthroughs. The hidden riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum and the secret areas in DOOM are a good example of this concept. One example would be to occasionally put something valuable under the inordinate piles of junk lying around. A more intricate example would be to pull out a chair or board holding up a stack that then falls, revealing something useful. Or perhaps you could use a hatchet to chop open wicker baskets or the bigger axes (as opposed to a crowbar from Half-Life) to chop open some of those boxes. Unloading on a bunch of boxes might just work as stress relief if the player gets too frustrated.

Well that is enough for now. I'll post more when I think of it.
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1. Probably not going to happen, don't know if I remember Madoc ever weighing in on this.
2. Probably will happen... eventually, but not like you describe.
3. Something like this will happen, inventory will get worked over a lot before release, it isn't in it's final state.
4. Not going to happen, Madoc has stated that he doesn't want mundane things like food and drink to gate progress, also doesn't want the tediousness of having to maintenance something like this; having to leave a dungeon because you need to go get water (more pertaining to SG not Ex). As for fatigue, same as food/drink, doesn't want combat gated by something like fatigue.
5. Going to happen. There will be much much added on this, just ins't to that part of building the game yet, but there will be dresses, and hats and such.
6. The puzzle can be done in 10 minutes by someone that knows it well, and it makes half of level 1, no risk. As more and more items get added to the game the loot will have more variety and impact. The puzzle is a reward.
7. Don't expect NPCs in Ex. SG, though this will have a rich and deep world, Ex is just a back story in the underworld.
8.You figure it out in snipits, it's actually one of the best parts of the story telling.
9. There will eventually be more light sources. And alternative, and not sure how they don't obey the laws of physics.
10. Expect more of things like this, the maze was really a lot of testing for things like that, but expect more things like this; the developers know that the engine will allow many things other games can't do.


9. There will eventually be more light sources. And alternative, and not sure how they don't obey the laws of physics.
I think he was saying that because the "fuel" that allows a torch to burn will run out in real life. And in the game it never runs out.


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