Any JKA players out there?


Hands down best dueling game on the market, If you haven't tried it, I recommend getting a buddy, and asking one of the vets to teach you a few things, It's worth it to learn, It's so much fun.

Here's a vid I made awhile back


used to geek jedi outcast many years ago, the combat set a high expectation for me for newer combat games. i have tried jka and would say the combat is improved from outcast, but it kinda ruined it for me that they added the special lightsaber moves, so i preferred jko. was quite fun loading up the pit map and spawn in different enemies(or allies) and test my skills against them. maybe i should try the game again, been a long time since last time ive played.
another game that i think can rival the combat in the jedi knights games (except SG) is overgrowth.


Me and my brother used to play so much of the JDK games, man the lightsaber duels were tight. I really hope 3rd person Star Wars jedi lightsaber duel focused gameplay makes a comeback.


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