Any way to deal with damage in the Arena?

Discussion in 'Gameplay' started by Gsprfdude, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Gsprfdude

    Gsprfdude Member

    I know that you can switch to a different fighter or lose pugilism matches until you regain enough health. But is there any other way that I don't know about? I prefer to just play as one character to try and become champion so to speak but its a slog when I have to poorly fist fight people just to regain health.
  2. Roryn

    Roryn Member

    Well, I believe entering and quickly forfeiting matches also works, but that's it for now. The quickest fun way for me is to enter inept-rank challenger matches.
  3. Parco

    Parco Insider

    The only way to regain health is by ending a match, whether its by losing, winning or forfeiting a match. But there is plans on implementing a hirable healer npc, but i think the effect is just more health regained for each match. So that will be some help at least.

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