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I haven't much of an idea on the scope of Sui Generis, but I noticed there were no craftsmanship skills in the planned section. Is there a definite "no" regarding crafting? Is Sui Generis more about action than it is survival or simulation in an open-world/sandbox? Throw me a bone because I'm thinking along the lines of Ultima Online when I picture Sui Generis. During my early days in Ultima Online, my first character was an enjoyable mix of trader and warrior. I mined for ore at various places and that lead to some good adventure (bandit and monster encounters, dungeon crawling). Then I would take my haul back home to create ingots and craft arms and armor, which I would then sell.
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I'm not very informed, but I don't think crafting will be a huge part of the game. Trading might be though. From what I understand, the focus will be more on story and exploration, as well as combat.

The story won't be scripted, like most other games. Rather, events unfold in a variety of ways that could be very different between playthroughs. Think the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor, only where characters have ambitions beyond "become the biggest warboss". NPCs will trade, steal, lead others, adventure, form groups, etc. and the player can seemlessly interact with them. That's the plan from what I understand, anyway. Note, this pertains to Sui Generis and not necessarily to Ex Anima, although some of the cool story interaction might be in it as well. We will have to see.

Exploration is pretty self explanitory, though there will be a complex, maze-like underworld underneath the rest of the game. Neat.

Combat is another unique aspect and focus of developement, obviously. I'm sure you know about that, though.

You mentioned survival too, and I think that is not going to be a feature either. I'm ok with that, though, because I don't particularly like that style of game. XD
I don't have quotes to refer to but I think in twitch chat Madoc replied to crafting before. I mentioned the crafting system of Divine Divinity and Divinity Original Sin where you simply click and drag items on top of other items to make new stuff. Madoc, at the time, mentioned that something along those lines would be the farthest they'd go implementing a 'real' crafting system.

A crafting system a la Skyrim seems out of place and not going to happen.

About survival: I think some sections of the game could benefit form survival. As we've seen in the early stages of Exanima it is very much about suviving until you find better gear. Imagine a prison or real dungeon where the player gets stuck in, captured by bandits or trolls havig been stripped of everything. Stealth will come into play too which is an intended feature.
It would be very fun to place an order, get your shiny new sword, decide it was a little too expensive then "test" the sword on the blacksmith. That's what he gets for not offering a discount.
As long as the blacksmith is not as good with crushing skulls with that huge hammer of his as he is in making shiny new swords;)


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