Best laptop to get now?


Hey guys

I'm looking for a new gaming laptop- not necessarily newly released- i want it to be affordable and just powerful enough to play in high settings. Ps4 kind of power, more is just overkill... especially since i plan on just playing a few games.

I had my eye on some Asus Zen pros, but they are so expensive. What I love about them is that they are powerful, quiet and cool. Which i need cause i live with others in a hot space! ;)

Appreciate any recommendations! :)

Pc Genie

Too be honest I think your request is a paradox, because you want a powerful gaming laptop but inexpensively. Even my third-rate desktop PC was quite a dent in the bank, while laptops cost even more for the same abilities!

MacBooks are utterly out of the question because they will part you with your money like Moses with water. Er... I recommend saving up for the Asus Zen Pro you mentioned or perhaps look for a desktop computer that doesn't produce too much heat.

Hardware experts might advise you better than I can however.


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