Coffee Diary 11/11/19


Hey Exanimates,

Here are the notes on today's dev meeting:

-A new procedural workflow for monster skin has been set up, with great results.

-A new monster variant is now game ready.

-Pathfinding changes are mostly complete, with just some testing and tweaking left to do.

-We went over a batch of new props for the new level, and discussed the details of some additional pieces.

-Discussed in more detail the visual overhaul to early game environment and encounters.

-Zeth is done making urns, and is now moving onto making some more environmental props.

Have a great week!


Is this referring to tilesets or objects or something else? Keep up the good work.
A tileset revamp for the early levels is planned, along with more "scripted" ecounters. The floors were revamped in 0.7.0, and something similar is planned with the walls (Adding broken walls, varients, etc). But also likely remastering more early assets with new tools.


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