Coffee Diary 2/12/19


Hey Exanimates,

Here are the notes on today's dev meeting:

-Madoc has been implementing and testing the mood and emotion altering mind powers. Some general AI issues surfaced as a result and have / are being dealt with. Additionally the to-do list for mind thaumaturgy is quite short now, though a 100% complete tree might not make it into the early test builds.

-A quality control pass is underway on some interactive assets; new content should mostly only require setting up encounters and randomised items.

-Discussed the future development of thaumaturgy, in particular the role and structure of minor modifications, and potential build diversity.

-Discussed the categorisation of musical instruments, common mechanics and usage.

Have a great week!



Will we ever be able to gather snippets or fragments of thoughts, memories or feelings either of NPCS or areas as "readable" items or dialogue through thaumaturgy? Would be interesting to get parts of lore or backgrounds that way...


Hey Grytzen, sorry for the late reply; I'm not exactly sure how in-depth mind sensing would be, though there's a lot of potential for more, than just reading surface emotions of NPCs, I think.


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