Coffee Diary 29/6/20


Hey Exanimates,

This week has been mostly about making the new renderer feature complete and fully functional. We have a new workflow for materials, particularly metals, and we've been tuning and balancing everything for the most correct results and intuitive workflow, while also not breaking legacy content. We've got other important features like subsurface scattering and displacement mapping in, and our complete solution for reflections. The dreaded aliasing and rendering artefacts that pushed us to do this in the first place are happily completely gone.

A simple screenshot this week, it's an older asset and not one of our best, but the tarnished brass presents a perfect case for the difficulties with metals. We're really happy with the results, and there's clearly a huge visual improvement over the current rendering. In the screenshot you can also see the improved shadow quality and the new local reflections.

This complete renderer overhaul wasn't exactly on our roadmap, but it includes many things that we knew we had to do at some point, it solves a bunch of problems and really improves our workflow. Now we're back on completing our new procedural material system, which not only supports the new weapons and other items, but will improve all character graphics and also performance.

Renderer work aside, we're continuing work on various fronts, now focusing a bit more on the upcoming arena update. We're integrating new gameplay features and improving and redesigning various things like the user interface, we're making new items and new arenas. Work also continues on the story, a big new level is actively being worked on, a lot of early game assets have received a big update and lots of improvements are still being made.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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