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So, we're just uploading the alpha now (on our pitifully slow connection) and it should be with you within 2 hours. We were hoping to have it up a few hours ago but of course we had some (serious) last minute problems.

Most of the information will be included in the alpha itself and honestly I'm just too tired to say much right now! Just remember that it's the first version to ever leave our office so there are plenty of issues and it's generally far from being complete in any regard and very limited in scope.

Take your time learning the combat, it will be tricky at first. It requires practice but we're sure that as you learn how to play it will steadily grow on you. Really hope you enjoy it!

You'll get an email with the download details soon (if you have alpha access). Going to keep this thread locked for now, I'll open it once the the alpha is actually available for download.


Project Lead
The e-mails should be arriving soon, in the meantime you should be able to access the download from your account page. More information on that here.

Please remember that for the time being the alpha is under an NDA so any discussion should happen on our insider forum. We will organise the insider forum better for this purpose soon. You can discuss it freely there and upload screenshots directly with drag and drop. I've made an early feedback thread and you can start there.


Great news! Our first taste of SG! And congrats to the Bare Mettle team for making it this far!

Edit: And as was pointed out in a different thread... You need to add ".exe" to the end of the file after you download it or it will not work.


OMG I feel so sorry for everyone who don't have Alpha access. :eek:
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Would really like to know what you guys think of the gameplay so far
I personally think that the gameplay has tremendous potential and is already loads of fun. The impact of a physics based weapon swing on a physical body feels really great. When someone gets knocked down as a result of a heavy strike, or a shove into a wall the gameplay opportunities that opens up is fantastic.

There's a lot of depth, and after a while you really start to feel that you're getting better. You start to learn 'moves' by moving your aiming cursor and character just so to get the right kind of attack you want when your opponent leaves himself open. The AI is very good, adaptive and vicious.

Edit: Removed some of the more detailed opinions as I just realised this isn't part of the Insider section
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