Combat Gameplay (customization influence)

I intend to analyze in this post, as the gameplay of your character in combat works, testing theories and proving facts - with included footage.

I'm out of time right now, so I'll just post a video I just did now.

Playing for the first time, character creation seems to be something more aesthetic, visual.

But as you play and understand how realistic the physics involved in the fight, you realize that characteristics such as height and volume of your character influences on aspects such as the maximum distance of your strike - or how easy your opponent can hit you (if you are a big target).

So I've started this.

My first video I'm testing the strategy of low strikes with my not too tall character. I'm using one handed sword because I want fast swings, and shield because there's not dual wield yet. I'm naked just to know how effective it can be.

Link to video:

(it's not a serious gameplay, I'm just pushing foward, crouch and left mouse button)

Some questions I have in mind:

Is there any influence between your character's size and body mass? If yes - then bigger guys can push the enemy easier, also they should have more "momentum" in some strikes. On the other hand, they are larger targets and slower in movement.

I'm new to the forum and I pretend to read every single post here - or most of them - so, if it's something already made or explained - I'm sorry about it.
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They were obviously having a tough time killing him. If he had better equipment and took it seriously, he could definitely use that to his advantage.

He has a point, bigger target is easier to hit.
I'm not lying - I did it in the first try (when started to record). I'll try to go futher, but right now I'm testing the 0.6.1 beta.
It's actually interesting, sacrificing appearance (most players are picky about appearance) for speed and mobility. But efficiency is efficiency. I'll definitely check out the new video.

And this arena beta, damn if it isn't difficult...


Crouching has been exploitable ever since it was first introduced; the AI doesn't react properly to it yet. I and several others choose not to use it for this reason.
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Crouching has been exploitable ever since it was first introduced; the AI doesn't react properly to it yet. I and several others choose not to use it for this reason.
Yes, in this way. But please, don't remove crouch from the game - it's interesting to use, specially in pugilism.
I'm testing the theory that tall characters have advantage to put down their enemies. Maybe because of "torque". Most of my strikes hit the enemy in top of head.


Sometimes too tall too! Lots of strikes go over the head of tiny guys...
I agree with Tony, the Ai should react to crouching, for normal strikes. I only use it for the overhead strike, one crazy blow !!
I don't think it's necessary to remove crouch from the game; rather the AI needs to be tweaked to crouch themselves (when appropriate) and react properly when the player crouches.
Something that usually happens when you crouch now is the strike from middle (to your head). Something sad when you are using shield is the fact you can't use it to protect your head (where you are expecting to be hitted). What do you think if your character place (position) the shield over your head whenever you crouch?


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