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  1. Kieran

    Kieran Developer

    Hello everyone,

    We have recently moved into our new office and home in Siena. Finding somewhere suitable and affordable proved difficult but here we are at last. It's a huge relief to finally be set up. Here's a picture of our studio:


    Before the Kickstarter we'd done a lot of concept work, prototyping and technology, now we're making an actual game and so we're laying the foundations to develop the Sui Generis world in full.

    This includes designing and developing the dynamic story systems, AI and behaviour systems and just how to define and design every object that will appear in SG in a meaningful way. Our aim is to create a highly interactive and dynamic game world that will make SG much more than a linear hack and slash.

    Nothing is more important than populating the world with diverse characters. The physique and inventory system we talked about in previous updates will accomplish this and implement many of the game's most important features.

    We had to revise our initial design as it proved impractical, the assets we had also proved unsuitable. We now have a functional system, much higher quality models and have made various improvements to how they work in game.

    The revised system uses a square physique graph where the two axes represent muscularity and fat. We had to use significantly more morph targets than we planned but we now have the full range of physiques for both male female characters with excellent results. Here are some examples of different physiques outputted by the completed system:


    We can also control height, age and skin tone. We devised a skin tone palette that doesn't limit you to just a few presets:


    The morphing system also works on clothes you are wearing:


    Another important feature we've developed is hair. High quality and efficient hair can be quite challenging, we weren't happy with the look of our early hair models. We also want our hair to be animated and subject to physics. Thanks also to some new tools we developed we're getting some very nice results, here are some examples:


    Here you can see the hair in motion during combat:


    Sui Generis is set on an island so this means sea and beaches that have to work with all our procedural methods and dynamic weather. Beaches are automatically generated near sea water and our water has a number of new and improved rendering and animation features:


    We've also been gradually improving our procedural animation systems, we've made significant improvements to the foot work and made characters track their opponents and other things with their head.

    Those of you with access to development videos will be able to see all this in action very soon. There is also some more in depth information on some of these topics in our insider forum.

    The Bare Mettle team
  2. Psygnosis

    Psygnosis Supporter

    This update made me Jeez in da pants !!!! :Q________

    Great update guys !!!
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  3. Prasse

    Prasse Insider

    Hyped as a squirrel on crack :D

    Looking great guys, good luck with your new place!
  4. Paul Feeney

    Paul Feeney Insider

  5. Jared

    Jared Insider

    you guys are absolutely amazing.. I look at that picture of the 5 of you worken away and it blows my mind that you can create a game such as this with just 5 people who were not even located in the same countrys from the start.

    then we have companys like blizzard who spend a decade maken a shitty game with terrible graphics, keep up the great work guys, i wish there was more ways to support you!
  6. SanguineAngel

    SanguineAngel Supporter

    Guys, this update is glorious, thank you. I love the weight modelling - especially with the clothing! The RP possibilities are tantalising
  7. Nick Spacek

    Nick Spacek Insider

    I hope there's just an "exclusivity time" for videos! :) The water looks really good, especially so because it looks like in the screenshot that it's actually lapping up against the rock. I would love to see that in motion.
  8. AW8

    AW8 Supporter

    Great! Thank you!

    The beaches and water look beautiful, gave me Crysis vibes!

    Cool to see how the physique options ranges from starved to overweight, and untrained to bodybuilder!

    And dat flowing hair!

    I have nothing to complain about, it looks absolutely beautiful and promising. Keep up the good work!
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  9. Huatim

    Huatim Insider

    I want a video :) in 1080p plz(when it's possible).
    I don't want to say the number of times i saw the other 3 videos! I'm addict!
  10. Cooper Holt

    Cooper Holt Insider

    Back to regular updates and new features!
    I can't express my gratitude enough. :D
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  11. Parco

    Parco Insider

    Im reading this during a smal brake at my job and are having problems not making wierd faces:p probably looking like an idiot sitting here XD
  12. PenguinTD

    PenguinTD Insider

    This is so cool.
    Is there any stress test going on? like how many character + AI on screen at the same time.
    I know this is not exactly a mass beat them up, but would love to know it holds up well and can use terrain/buildings to your advantage to fight those gruesome battle.(ie, the LotR battle at Helm's Deep.)
  13. Psychomorph

    Psychomorph Insider

    Thank you for the update! The water and land pictures look about like taken from Crysis3 or ArmA3. Fantastic quality and photo realism.

    What about a photo with the view from the window? :D
  14. ansong

    ansong Insider

    The stills look great. Will you release a new video showcasing the new features?
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  15. nox

    nox Insider

    Awesome! I'm very much looking forward to the video! :D
    Those are some sweet beaches, the water is bloody fantastic!
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  16. Shellshock

    Shellshock Insider

    Updates like this make me remember why I backed this game. Keep it up.
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  17. BrecMadak

    BrecMadak Insider

    More excellent work from BM ! I've been pretty lusty for some time, and thirsty for the next update, and it already has happened with great updates ! I can feel that motivation supply is endless !
  18. the0thMonkey

    the0thMonkey Member

    Soon to be fantastically bloody! ;)
  19. Valok

    Valok Insider

    Really amazing the work done so far, specially considering the budge + NÂș of developers.

    Glad to be a backer!
  20. Tom

    Tom Insider

    Awesome update! This is exactly what I had been waiting for!

    I totally forgot there was a lady on the team - I saw the picture and went "guy, guy, GIRL, guy, guy" xD
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